How Do YouTubers Make Money? (And Other Questions We Have to Answer)

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Marques Brownlee

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Answering the top 10 questions HRpostrs get

Can You Trust MKBHD?

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CHEFPK Prije 3 mjeseci
Going to put this video link on a NFC card to share when asked the magic question.
Collins Bolt
Collins Bolt Prije 2 mjeseci
untitled795 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Darron Carr so an “nfc card” is a fucking link? 🤡
Darron Carr
Darron Carr Prije 2 mjeseci
@untitled795 ... No? NFC cards can trigger events and app actions. Chances are they would have it either go to Browser and open the link, or directly open the HRpost app to the video. Then whoever asks the question, they can present the NFC tag and tap it to their phone to cause that thing to happen. I'll admit, it's a stretch to say you could do this with any stranger off the street - but the hope is that this kind of "smart tech" catches on. The fringe often comes across some diamonds in the rough - just up to the rest of the world to judge its worth/value.
mike listeral
mike listeral Prije 3 mjeseci
gold diggers love youtubers. they can go on your channel and instantly know how much money you make by your subscriber count
Kiel Enrique
Kiel Enrique Prije 3 mjeseci
big brain
Anatu Green
Anatu Green Prije 7 sati
The "Subscribe" pillow should have been on your left side. Get it?
Anatu Green
Anatu Green Prije 7 sati
Cool mustache. LMAO
Rucky Digital
Rucky Digital Prije 14 sati
Mustache fluidity is key.
Ole Prije dan
great format!
bztrd80 Prije 3 dana
About how you make money there's also the bucket number 4 not mentioned because it's only for certain elite of youtubers, and thats getting paid millions for just selling a narrative and pushing certain agendas stretched over a very long time period. Generally they're watched by millions of young kids.
Sterling Sigurd
Sterling Sigurd Prije 4 dana
No i order a Lyft damn it
Ricky Fok
Ricky Fok Prije 4 dana
I was worried he wasn't going to specify that he doesn't do onlyfans
Francky Studios
Francky Studios Prije 5 dana
Trying to explain that to your parents, who wanted you to become a lawyer or doctor.
WORLD TECH Prije 5 dana
you now you are the best you tuber right !!!
Botlhale Klassen
Botlhale Klassen Prije 7 dana
I recently noticed that HRpost has a "Patreon" version of it built into the app. Where viewers can become "members" of a channel in order to get access to special content and things like badges when they comment. In return, they pay a monthly subscription or rather, membership, which can be cancelled anytime. I think this is a new feature but I wonder why content creators never mention it when speaking about how you make money on HRpost.
Cash Rewards Network
Cash Rewards Network Prije 8 dana
Great video and good luck to anyone reading this, you will soon succeed!!
player 26
player 26 Prije 9 dana
I've already made a HRpost channel
Puresense MaTh
Puresense MaTh Prije 12 dana
Marques, how did you start YouTubing?
Marcin Zajkowski
Marcin Zajkowski Prije 12 dana
Great analogy with the basketball player at the end. Thanks for this video. All the best for you! Avoid burnout as long as you can 🙌
Luciano Lopes Lima
Luciano Lopes Lima Prije 13 dana
Finally, a Brownlee's video about the subject. Downloaded and subscribed!
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar Prije 13 dana
the most important question how much money do you make
Sia Prije 13 dana
How much money do you have?
WloCkuz Prije 13 dana
To every small HRpostr out there, Keep grinding, You'll make it big one day.
BikePreacher Prije 13 dana
I like your videos a lot but this one really takes price! So many haters that think money only comes from some types of work. Good work man!
Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza Prije 14 dana
that mustache 😁👍🏻
SAIDU T.H Prije 15 dana
It Amazing how you share some skills with us.
SAIDU T.H Prije 15 dana
Wow, Creative content bro.❤️
F 0000
F 0000 Prije 16 dana
Simple answer: Marques works for apple secretly to increasse marketing...
Coltrinculo Prije 17 dana
"Things like only fans or patrion" i feel like this is targeted at linus lol
Sendhamizh Sts
Sendhamizh Sts Prije 17 dana
Lorz Prije 18 dana
That's dope! Marques speaks so well. His grammar is always on point.
Raashid Khan
Raashid Khan Prije 18 dana
I have another question - why did the driver keep changing his mustache?
Veridiano Santos
Veridiano Santos Prije 20 dana
Mark, i'm a premium HRpost user, and we all know youtube has lots of prmium users, and we all know, we purchase youtube prmium beause we all hate ads, what if half of youtube usesr were Premium users, so no ads for youtube to promote, how does youtube keep encouraging people to become premium users? isn't it bad for business ?
WHATSAAPME:†¹⁷⁷⁹²⁵⁵⁶⁷⁰⁷• Prije 18 dana
Congratulations get a chance for investment Whatsapp only 👇.
imicca Prije 21 dan
One of the best videos ever made Thanks Marques
Sheeps for Jesus
Sheeps for Jesus Prije 22 dana
This was a great video!! Love how humble and educational this was. Keep the wonderful work up
WHATSAAPME:†¹⁷⁷⁹²⁵⁵⁶⁷⁰⁷• Prije 18 dana
Congratulations get a chance for investment Whatsapp only 👇.
Monk Mode Master
Monk Mode Master Prije 22 dana
Thanks for sharing!
S Cren
S Cren Prije 23 dana
I will say I watch marques because he’s a cool and interesting person. Meaning if I wanna watch a video on the new iPhone for example. He’s my go to so I do think the person is a big part of it also
David Wanjiru
David Wanjiru Prije 23 dana
People don't ask how much you make? I would expect that to be up there.
WHATSAAPME:†¹⁷⁷⁹²⁵⁵⁶⁷⁰⁷• Prije 18 dana
Roman numerals, Plus. I [Open bracket] V III 0 VI 0 IX III I I V...
WHATSAAPME:†¹⁷⁷⁹²⁵⁵⁶⁷⁰⁷• Prije 18 dana
Congratulations get a chance for investment Whatsapp only 👇.
Ritik Kedia
Ritik Kedia Prije 23 dana
Marques love to see you. Love from India. Although you might get that a lot.
Joanne Beveridge
Joanne Beveridge Prije 24 dana
The vivacious celeste microscopically scatter because horse spindly employ aboard a callous room. fascinated, trite fan
Sherry Prije 24 dana
What is Marques Brownlee's net worth?
Iujt Prije 24 dana
If you just say you’re an accountant, NO ONE WILL EVER QUESTION YOU.
мм мм
мм мм Prije 24 dana
Lool in July 2021 Marques used oneplus 9 pro !!!
Emelda Natural
Emelda Natural Prije 25 dana
Well said 👏🏾 👌 👍 🙌🏾
Broks Kii
Broks Kii Prije 25 dana
Thank you very helpful
Maverick Dakota
Maverick Dakota Prije 26 dana
When did 'artist' become 'content creator'?
Maverick Dakota
Maverick Dakota Prije 26 dana
What I don't understand about earning money from HRpost is that the ads are rarely relevant. I for instance have never bought anything advertised to me on HRpost.
Azlan Abdullah
Azlan Abdullah Prije 26 dana
The Uber driver looks exactly like MKBHD.
Digitalsuites Prije 26 dana
very Creative Like that
Tammera Power
Tammera Power Prije 27 dana
The thoughtful growth equally flash because beach fundamentally sneeze worth a muddled half-brother. unarmed, grouchy continent
hawaiiopihi Prije 27 dana
Excellent video! Never heard it explained so clearly. Thank you!
Joel Hopkins
Joel Hopkins Prije 28 dana
I’m an accountant and I like telling people because of the mystery of whether I’m actually an accountant 👀
TR Hall
TR Hall Prije 28 dana
Lil x
Lil x Prije 28 dana
What is a HRpostr 1:36
Meghan Ruel
Meghan Ruel Prije 28 dana
Sooooooooo Clorox paid for their logo to show up there? Hahah just kidding….but wait….
Hangout Prije 29 dana
I don't know what is HRpostr.
Sufyan Maan
Sufyan Maan Prije 29 dana
That guy simply created an automation system to q/a basics as a youtuber. Just tag the video whoever is asking? Hahaha
Chris Finegan
Chris Finegan Prije 29 dana
I'm getting a strong Chubbs Peterson vibe.
Nathan Prije mjesec
You are not an HRpostr, you are in the entertainment business
Mody Nangemo
Mody Nangemo Prije mjesec
Top 3 best quality chanels
Syed Iftikhar Ali
Syed Iftikhar Ali Prije mjesec
13:24 Wholesome Marques 🥺
Zarintyr Prije mjesec
I doubt I’ll be famous as a HRpostr. Hoping to get my manga published in Japan next year and get famous that way :)
Hato Ferarha
Hato Ferarha Prije mjesec
Hello. Mrs Lisa is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy😍😍
Zahor Pitafi
Zahor Pitafi Prije mjesec
Her trading last week was boom
Zahor Pitafi
Zahor Pitafi Prije mjesec
Thanks to you all for your testimonies, it has helped me greatly I thought the were not real but I will now boldy testify... she's strategies is awesome
Nicole Craig
Nicole Craig Prije mjesec
She gave her clients Nice attention
Nicole Craig
Nicole Craig Prije mjesec
I'm from Brazil, I and two other of my friends tried her immediately we testified, her performing wonders
Vera Aida
Vera Aida Prije mjesec
When I saw testimonies all over the place I thought it was made up stories till I was convinced and gave it a try and honestly I don't regret the move I made because I invested in a big way
Eric Prije mjesec
One thing I never can find an answer for is how much HRpostrs make for YT premium viewers. I never see ads but I hope they get some money from my views.
Eric Prije mjesec
It’s a lot easier to say you are a HRpostr when you have 15 million subs. Especially when talking to a taxi driver.
Eugene Okumu
Eugene Okumu Prije mjesec
It's the evolving moustache for me... 🤣🤣🤣
K.A.R.s Prije mjesec
The projects teachers will be setting in 2050 be like:
Neville James
Neville James Prije mjesec
Graet video. Thanks
Tosin Deyemi
Tosin Deyemi Prije mjesec
You didn’t link out the skillshare video. Can you share?
Kọsi Ọli
Kọsi Ọli Prije mjesec
The system means there Is no honest YTber What happens when everyone Is trying to make money, they will do anything for it.
Mohammad Al Qarawi
Mohammad Al Qarawi Prije mjesec
one main question wasn't answered, " On average, what is the earning per month or per video?"
Dani.dth901 Prije 27 dana
depends on views and ad count and algorithm and a bunch of other things like sponsorships and some other stuff.
HyGyLi Prije mjesec
This comment section is just full of verified creators
Michael Ramirez
Michael Ramirez Prije mjesec
Gonna save this for future reference to explain to people what we do
Harry Turner Project
Harry Turner Project Prije mjesec
Generally a salesperson.
Brian Janiszewski
Brian Janiszewski Prije mjesec
Simple question perhaps, At what viewer subscription level does it become enough income to live off of?
Dando Prije mjesec
Marques great video, my question to you would be.. do you do anything with your HRpost money for charity? There are many HRpostrs but not everyone makes it to the level you do.. I would like to see you say dropping £5k dollars on Nintendo switches and games once in a while for kids stuck in hospitals bored, maybe take it quarter calendar turns with your peers ijustine, uraverageconsumer.. for kids who don’t have much in life as their parents are pouring money into their cancer treatment etc.. think what Michael Jackson used to do..^__^= In fact I think you’d all find it very rewarding and what cool HRpost videos that would be.. 😊 and you’d always have a reason to keep doing what you do.. 😊 being able to give back when successful is a gift. Sorry for being direct.. Dando
George Prije mjesec
Good video
Avinash Bhurtel
Avinash Bhurtel Prije mjesec
that video you showed on your left, i have turned off my annotations, where is it?
Thina Mananyetso
Thina Mananyetso Prije mjesec
awesome video
MegaBestoffer Prije mjesec
Believe it or not, the whole video was made to promote his skillshare course. Dude is smart af.
Musa Muneer
Musa Muneer Prije mjesec
We wish you more than you have
Vlad Alexander
Vlad Alexander Prije mjesec
Good video no B'S straight forward ,,, thanks,, I'm sure this video will do well.
Mohammed Ghaïth
Mohammed Ghaïth Prije mjesec
Why does this sound so real and honest?
Raymond Reddington
Raymond Reddington Prije mjesec
They try and run for governor! Hilarious!
Ender Assassin
Ender Assassin Prije mjesec
what is the car?
Saeid Gholizade
Saeid Gholizade Prije mjesec
LOL mustaches are getting switched!!
Fidel H Viegas
Fidel H Viegas Prije mjesec
Nice video, Marques! I really liked the moustache.
Rhealou Malima
Rhealou Malima Prije mjesec
The low glove perplexingly command because america temporally correct beyond a private beard. creepy, permissible syrup
Ermin Klimenta
Ermin Klimenta Prije mjesec
Every youtuber ever: Patreon Hoovies Garage: OnlyFans
Jandra Elune
Jandra Elune Prije mjesec
There are businesses already that have a job for them dedicated to multimedia creators and another dedicated to social media. They have become so big and fulltime on just their own, they can no longer be dropped on an assistant, secretary or intern. HRpost, the editing in itself is the most time consuming, so some creators are just ditching it with shifting to streaming or to unedited content.
Diane ZULU
Diane ZULU Prije mjesec
thanks Marques!!!
Taonga Phiri
Taonga Phiri Prije mjesec
This is Good, thanks!
Avimun / Creativeinsights
Avimun / Creativeinsights Prije mjesec
The driver is wise...😂😲😨!!
Javier Arellano
Javier Arellano Prije mjesec
I've always had all those questions!
GPX SAGE Prije mjesec
Scarse 48
Scarse 48 Prije mjesec
I think i saw an ad for a collage where you can learn to make videos
Kevin Kirika Irungu
Kevin Kirika Irungu Prije mjesec
Great intro and informative video
Grqfes Prije mjesec
nobody gonna mention the shapeshiftin' 'stache?
Pius Media
Pius Media Prije mjesec
I love that analogy with basketball
andrei bos
andrei bos Prije mjesec
I love the driver's Italian accent at the beginning of every sentence.
Motorcycle mark Castillo
Motorcycle mark Castillo Prije mjesec
I like your videos, though I'm a nurse and being a nurse is hard work and rewarding. It's especially tough now during COVID-19. I just find it hard to agree with people when they complain about their careers if they are a you-tuber or professional sports. Work in my shoes for one day and you will see the real meaning of "work" and it's rewards. Again don't get me wrong I like your videos and watch your content a lot, so I'm not knocking you. Being a nurse is very rewarding and like you I enjoy my career. Thank you.
Roxane Radulescu
Roxane Radulescu Prije mjesec
Instantly I thought that the driver is Super Mario )))
rv Prije mjesec
I realised 9 minutes in that the fake mustache kept changing.
armen berejiklian
armen berejiklian Prije mjesec
How Cryptocurrency ACTUALLY works.
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