The Electric Hummer: Hands-On & Impressions!

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Marques Brownlee

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9000 pounds doing 0-60 in 3 seconds?! The HummerEV comes out (allegedly) next year.
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F150 Lightning hands-on:

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JM M Prije 12 sati
That's faster than performance model 3 fast.
DJ _S Prije 23 sati
Wow 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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Pínned by Marques Bröwnlêê Prije 14 sati
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K man the_one_and_only
K man the_one_and_only Prije dan
I loved the H 1, then the H 2 and 3 came out (after being bought by GM) and I didn't like them. This new Hummer EV however, it's getting me pretty excited. Just wish they added the CTIS System into the EV hummer.
M. S.
M. S. Prije 2 dana
Correction: man never went to the moon.
Rylan Siemsen
Rylan Siemsen Prije 2 dana
They actually do have storage inside the back seats on the newer Chevy Silverados
Just G
Just G Prije 5 dana
Would've like to see more about the features...spent 5 min on logos wtf
Chrizel`s Lifestyle Vlog Japan
Chrizel`s Lifestyle Vlog Japan Prije 5 dana
This is a BIG WOW!!! and for sure we couldnt afford the latest electric one . ours is an H2 here in Tokyo and we love it.
Di Wang
Di Wang Prije 5 dana
I am watching this and thinking does air dynamics still a thing for cars nowadays?
Sean Allen
Sean Allen Prije 7 dana
Gm made parts of the moon rover???????? Well damn learn something new alright 😯
Alessandro Tambellini
Alessandro Tambellini Prije 8 dana
In general I like it, but I find it oppressive: all the logos, moon sketches everywhere, and all the buttons, square shapes and functionalities around the driver.
Peter Miller
Peter Miller Prije 9 dana
6:39 FYI, Apollo missions didn’t have rovers until Apollo 15 (the 4th successful manned landing on the moon).
Secret person D
Secret person D Prije 9 dana
120k for that??
SurfingTaco Prije 11 dana
The Toyota FJ cruiser has three windshield wipers since 2006. Just saying.
Alphahydro Prije 12 dana
I hope GM doesn't go Hummer logo crazy with the production vehicles. Pretty excessive.
Bodunrin Ladele
Bodunrin Ladele Prije 12 dana
I would rather see him test drive the Aptera.
Depri Chef
Depri Chef Prije 15 dana
4 tons of car while kids found no place to play anymore. More streets, more parking zones and bigger and bigger cars. This in inhuman and insane...
Shlurpy Durp
Shlurpy Durp Prije 15 dana
Aside from being completely useless, they look pretty cool.
Steve Daniels
Steve Daniels Prije 15 dana
What happened to actual reviews, i work for a big manufacture , we see who has a subscription and pay the channel.
Sebastian Sanchez
Sebastian Sanchez Prije 16 dana
InMyOpinion... Prije 17 dana
Acura NSX and Tesla Roadster out the door, Hummer Ev solidly my new dream car.
adi Prije 17 dana
Crab 🦀 walk is creepy
Romulus Creative
Romulus Creative Prije 17 dana
It looks far more like a FJ like almost like exactly a FJ cmoing out
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Prije 17 dana
Thanks you for the video 📹 see you later bye
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Prije 17 dana
To be honest even tho this is a amazing car I don't think everybody is going to buy this truck because of it value 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Prije 17 dana
This electic hammer is a great truck anyone should be happy if they get this truck they have 33 items that comes with the car that awesome 👌 👏 👍 😎💥💥💯💯👏☝🖐✋🤲🙌💪🤝🤛👊✊ they have the truck made the people just have to to buy it this is great
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Prije 17 dana
This is a awesome car that made the hammer great 👍 👌 👏 and told there times congrats for that 👏 😎💫💫💫💫💫
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Prije 17 dana
The roof is removable awesome 👌 👏 👍 💪😎😎💫👍💙
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Prije 17 dana
This truck looks like a new generation truck anyone will be blessed if they get this car its has everything more than a car needs 💯💯💯❤💥🔥🔥🔥❤🔥🔥💥💪😎💫
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Prije 17 dana
This car awesome and the car truck hood filp up 🔥🔥💥❤❤👍
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Prije 17 dana
The car is cool 😎 👌 👍
Vinod Kumar
Vinod Kumar Prije 18 dana
Think you should keep it to gismos ,and logos.
ArsonalTech Prije 18 dana
The final comment you made at the end, "...every year, for the next 10 straight years, is going to be the most interesting year yet for electric vehicles," is the precise reason why I won't buy an electric vehicle for the next 10 years, or at least won't until things stop being so revolutionary and interesting. I have 2 reasons I can't buy electric: time and money. Time: -charging an EV takes a lot longer than filling a tank with gas -range is reduced -charging stations are harder to find and you may have to take longer route in order to hit them. -more likely to have to stay in a hotel in a long, cross country road trip -all of this adds up and therefore makes a 1000 Mile road trip in an EV take much longer Money: -EVs are more expensive initially than gas equivalents. -mechanic shops are a dime a dozen, an EV requires specialists -you can't work on it yourself and save money -time is money, and therefore, based on the additional time spent charging and traveling, you cost yourself more -How often do they need repairs? How much do repairs cost? What is the maintenance cost? To be fair, I was told the ownership cost with repairs and money saved because of charging over fossil fuel ISS equivalent to a Prius (which is quite low), but is this vehicle going to be driven by my unborn 15 year old? Or is it going to be dead in 7-10 years? If you could convince me, a 26-year-old man who makes just under $50K a year, and whose wife-to-be makes far less than half that, that an electric vehicle would be a better financial decision over a fuel efficient compact SUV in the $18,000-$32,000 range, I’ll buy an EV. But currently, I don't think I could possibly afford it. P.S. We do annual 500-1000 mile road trips, and we try to go the whole way, no hotel stops which saves money. P.P.S. I understand that I'm commenting on a Hummer video, which is a not exactly in the realm of affordable, but it's still relevant to electric vehicles as a whole
Derek Hinton
Derek Hinton Prije 19 dana
Hands down my choice for best EV. So sick now just need that crypto to kick in to afford one !
Tanner Martz
Tanner Martz Prije 19 dana
i was dying when he was counting all the logos lol 😂
Mo Prije 20 dana
When you are passed by a Hummer in a Honda Civic...
Mo Prije 20 dana
I can't be the only one who likes the OG, army Humvees, and Hummers!
John S
John S Prije 20 dana
Did they let you drive it or count the number of logos?
Jacob Greenbough
Jacob Greenbough Prije 22 dana
People who bought hummers wanted to be seen in a hummer. So I think the H ev will continue to appeal to them.
Micheal Olsen
Micheal Olsen Prije 22 dana
EV...... got it.... lol
Micheal Olsen
Micheal Olsen Prije 22 dana
Wish I had some hair for the wind to whip through..... :)
Micheal Olsen
Micheal Olsen Prije 22 dana
Come on Lotto!
ARTI 4 Prije 22 dana
Now the hummer hammered them all
Betta Fish
Betta Fish Prije 23 dana
I like how GM put some of the features of the Sliverado and the Sierra on the Hummer EV
Austin Prije 23 dana
and JerryRigEverything everything is working on the 3rd Electric Hummer 😁
Matias Diaz Duran
Matias Diaz Duran Prije 23 dana
1000 HP 9000LBS 0 to 60 under 3 seconds makes no sense
Syclone Prije 14 dana
It's that quick and heavy because it's electric.
Jackson T
Jackson T Prije 23 dana
Cool truck. But 9,000 pounds offroad? That will be interesting to see......especially in sand. 😆
Liberal Socialist
Liberal Socialist Prije 24 dana
Since like a good car for the family business. But I doubt I will be able to afford it. Sticking to ice until ev becomes economically viable.
Albert Ho
Albert Ho Prije 24 dana
I think it's cool seeing the technology but for me hummers will always be too symbolic of American arrogance at its worst. The thing is, it doesn't matter how much technology is put into it. If it hits a pedestrian, they will die. I'm really not looking forward to seeing a new car that will be treated like a G-wagon.
m Jerome
m Jerome Prije 25 dana
And dumb GM are going to make them so fast so the quality will be CRAP....HARD PASS!!
bubba lo
bubba lo Prije 25 dana
An all electric SUV? Dumbest idea ever. Good luck finding a charging station in the middle of nowhere. It's not like you can carry extra batteries like gas cans. Jeep has the right idea with a PHEV. But then again most people will only use it on paved roads anyways.
NYC Boxing
NYC Boxing Prije 25 dana
The Flag is on the C pillar not the B pillar. Clearly not a car guy.
Cicoman Prije 26 dana
With that weight and that speed, what has it for for breaks, reinforced concrete walls?
Yukon Don
Yukon Don Prije 26 dana
FJ cruiser has 3 wipers you idiot . Also it would be great if you didn’t rip off @dougdemuro catch phrase of “quirks and features” if your going to be a blogger and entertainer be original and educated
- ManillaZilla
- ManillaZilla Prije 27 dana
“Quirks and features” I see what you did there
JTGphotos Prije 27 dana
honestly I find the hummer lame and a sad attempt of an EV by GM. instead of making a mass produced economy or mid sized car or SUV they make the Hummer. but the majority of Hummer owners are d-bags and I guess GM wants to be the douche bag king.
Steve Johnson Olson
Steve Johnson Olson Prije 27 dana
I think on the wheel rims their an h on there too
Joel Kneller
Joel Kneller Prije 28 dana
GMC is really trying to reinforce a more environmentally friendly image to there new hummer with all those logos. People wont be assorting hummer with gas guzzling environment destroying image of there past models. Not with that many visual reminders . plus the crab mode is super cool .
Demetri Harlan
Demetri Harlan Prije 28 dana
They had me at the removable roofs.
luv2mx Prije 28 dana
ano T
ano T Prije mjesec
With GM's Bolt Battery disaster with LG Chem are you really trusting GM enough to get a Hummer? Cars burning with packs made by an LG assembly that had the same defect in two different countries and plants. Over a 140,000 owners left stranded with unknown resolution dates and told not to park close to anyone. Anyone looking forward to that GM response if things batteries go badly? GM concierge service ghosts people if they ask for a resolution.
BG 45
BG 45 Prije mjesec
I think the lunar maps are lame. I reserved an SUV Edition 1
Fùtbol Lifestyle
Fùtbol Lifestyle Prije mjesec
Lmao the moon landing was fake
Pikalika Prije mjesec
I love the Cybertruck, but this is the future
ILIKKA Prije mjesec
It costs hell of a lot. Wont ever sell more than 100k in a year. Cybertruck on the other hand has potential to sell million in a year.
RamenPoodles Prije mjesec
It's over 9000
Bryon Feliksa
Bryon Feliksa Prije mjesec
Does the Hummer hum?
👨🏻‍💻 Prije mjesec
The Tesla cyber truck looks like a craft project by a short bus awkward weirdo made of spray painted cardboard. The HUMMER EV - I just came 😂
👨🏻‍💻 Prije mjesec
That speech impediment and the constant hissing at the end of every word is driving me insane 😳
Rad Ansaar
Rad Ansaar Prije mjesec
I like it @Marques Brownlee. What do you think?
Richard Millet
Richard Millet Prije mjesec
Looking forward to your Rivian R1T review. Be sure to have them bring you out to their test track in Normal, IL
nedal Prije mjesec
I've got to buy one.
junior ochoa
junior ochoa Prije mjesec
If I had 130k to throw in the air I'd buy one
Jesus Garcia
Jesus Garcia Prije mjesec
3 wipers.. = toyota Fj cruiser
Faisal Yousuf Osman
Faisal Yousuf Osman Prije mjesec
Finally something actually futuristic . Totally looks like something out of Cyberpunk 2077
Michael N
Michael N Prije mjesec
GM is proud to be built in USA… was that supposed to be a joke lol
Michael N
Michael N Prije mjesec
I need to tow a 6,000 lb trailer 490 miles this weekend. Can this do it on 1 charge? And if I need to charge up where do I charge at when there’s only corn fields around? And suppose I find a corn field with a charging port. How long will I need to wait for a full charge? Unrealistic expectations
gibu002 Prije mjesec
Habibi's Hodl's
Habibi's Hodl's Prije mjesec
That hummer x32 thing, yeah…that was the type of quirk and feature I can’t wait to find out about that makes me want to watch videos with cars with quirks and features
ForceFeedback Prije mjesec
Never I was so hyped for a car. I do hope we get the Hummer in Europe
Ron Hammant
Ron Hammant Prije mjesec
Great review mate...
Yashwanth TS
Yashwanth TS Prije mjesec
This vedio didn't show what the truck can do
Yashwanth TS
Yashwanth TS Prije mjesec
I didn't like this vedio
Josh Stuart
Josh Stuart Prije mjesec
Quite funny that the Hummer looks soooo similar to the original fan sketches of how cybertruck should have looked.
Jason T
Jason T Prije mjesec
ITS OVER 9000!!!!
Nicholas Gomez
Nicholas Gomez Prije mjesec
It's a shame that I know this vehicle will hardly be used to the extent it's been designed for. It's just too expensive.
Laday Blues
Laday Blues Prije mjesec
Wow this review was really good .. and this car is really cool very impressive .
Talish_soysa Prije mjesec
Yo why does everyone like electric cars I hate electric cars no gears bro😭😭😭😭
Steve - ThatRandomGamer
Steve - ThatRandomGamer Prije mjesec
Looks cool, I'll buy one when I have the money.
User 1
User 1 Prije mjesec
Talish_soysa Prije mjesec
Brandon Akey
Brandon Akey Prije mjesec
Did you really just start recording before you were even in the room? I really don't get it.
Escuzzi Onthebox
Escuzzi Onthebox Prije mjesec
"that's actually terrifying"
Brian Shaw
Brian Shaw Prije mjesec
hummer ev over cybertruck all day
Finn Heimberg
Finn Heimberg Prije mjesec
you can not drive them with a normal license in Germany, not that anyone would want to anyways
Josh T
Josh T Prije mjesec
still cant beat a hilux
Lalit Dulal
Lalit Dulal Prije mjesec
God these samsung ads are annoying
Luis Oramas
Luis Oramas Prije mjesec
They need to take it easy with the badging
jack riff
jack riff Prije mjesec
Did you say over 9,000!? Lol
Andrizzzle Prije mjesec
This truck is going super saiyan! 2:52
Harsha Varthan
Harsha Varthan Prije mjesec
Jerry rig everything heh?
jay electro
jay electro Prije mjesec
I’m getting one for sure
Shreaderbrahhh Prije mjesec
9200lbs and 0-60 in 3 seconds? I can't wait for the first time someone crashes one of these into a building. It's going to be spectacular.
Andreas M.
Andreas M. Prije mjesec
Looks like a space ship. Would love to drive one.
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