Windows 11 Reactions: It Runs Android Apps! (Kinda)

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Marques Brownlee

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Windows 11 is official and it is... very glassy.

Joanna Stern's WSJ piece:

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OctaBlaze Prije dan
Why do people unlike these kind of videos?🤦
jer none
jer none Prije 2 dana
good vid crap win11 just like 8 and 10. funny how you can buy a new pc with a 1ghz cpu but if u got a 2 year old pc with 4ghz 8 core cpu and 32gb ram it wont run because you dont have cpu security chip 2.0 aka tpm.. wow seems they just want to push you into buying a new pc at amazon.
Naufal F
Naufal F Prije 2 dana
Hey im from future and now win 11 can run android apps
sanjeev Prije 2 dana
i'll need it
Keegan McKinney
Keegan McKinney Prije 2 dana
Is this version out right now the beta version or is this the real thing?
Katyusha Prije dan
Windows 11 has been officially released on October 5th
WMC Prije 2 dana
It sucks!
Speed Goat
Speed Goat Prije 2 dana
Always problem with windows Confusion
Ryan Granato
Ryan Granato Prije 3 dana
Bought Skype to develop Teams...
Cummings Family
Cummings Family Prije 4 dana
Actually windows will be able to install and run apks without the Amazon app store soon.
Diwan Umam
Diwan Umam Prije 5 dana
Can they just give me XP back?
Peteris Krumings
Peteris Krumings Prije 5 dana
6:17 So you will be able to install an android app from windows store with amazon account? OK. But will it recognize APK file extension and install the app the same way as on Android phone (if unknown sources are allowed) standalone?
Soumitra Barman
Soumitra Barman Prije 5 dana
Basically all those are coming in windows 11 all are mostly copy paste from Ubuntu 20.04 or later they have done before also. Windows 8, windows 10 also.🤭
Kyte Prije 5 dana
Vista was okay. Was great in visual but really bad for gaming. I still have my vista laptop (since 2008), still runs and I never had an OS problem unlike XP. Windows 11 feels like they added Vista's smooth visual UI designs to Windows 10 and called it Windows 11. Windows 7 + 8 = Windows 10. Windows Vista and Windows 10 = Windows 11 the way I see it.
Ethan Blake
Ethan Blake Prije 5 dana
It better have a dark mode
Alberto Madeira
Alberto Madeira Prije 6 dana
Why force people open an Amazon account just to install android apps when I have it all on play store. Thumbs down for Microsoft.
CrtlAAsser Prije 6 dana
Does apk files work
CrtlAAsser Prije 6 dana
4:22 that's in windows 8
CrtlAAsser Prije 6 dana
I'll NEVER update to win 11 until they either release win 11 ltsc or win 11 server Cus of TRASH TEAMS ITS A STUPID DUMB APP
Read4More Prije 6 dana
I love to watch Marques his passion for what he does is contagious
Eric Torsen
Eric Torsen Prije 6 dana
amazon app not available per windows store.......
BigSlick40 Prije 6 dana
WIN XP was good but despite its long run on the market it still had some issues. Windows 7 was almost as perfect as you can get.
Brian Edwards
Brian Edwards Prije 6 dana
Great unbiased review, keep up the good work and yesI like the idea of running android apps on Windows as long as they don’t make me jump through hoops to do it….
942 942
942 942 Prije 7 dana
microsoft just wont do anything right, is on their core.
ManuelPinner Prije 7 dana
Zoom sucks because it from Communist China!
ManuelPinner Prije 7 dana
Real Android Apps suppose to be from the Google Store! Not Amazon! Also My Laptop have a Touchscreen,
Pravah Shah
Pravah Shah Prije 8 dana
u jinxed it
hemant rohilla
hemant rohilla Prije 9 dana
now its official to compare android to iOS;)
Thomas Steinert
Thomas Steinert Prije 9 dana
3 years ago bought a non plus ultra Zenbook and already been asked in the store what I want with the high-end part 😅 ...well now to get the message that my Zenbook is too old for Windows 11 and is not supported. 🤬 For me as a consumer this is absolutely the last... this is another reason why all devises are now Apple and he bought us a MacBook Pro last year. BR from germany I like your channel 🙌
ping pong champion USA '17
ping pong champion USA '17 Prije 9 dana
❓QUESTION: If Android apps are supported can't you just install the entire Google play store like you would on a fire tablet? Yo if someone knows the answer let me know
Aaron Gokool
Aaron Gokool Prije 10 dana
heyy marques brownlee is there any way that i can bypass my google verification on my samsung s7 i really need to get back my phone up and running it works really well but i hard reset it because i had forgotten my password to unlock the phone and i ended up getting google verification popping up and also dont have the email or password to bypass it.I really need your help or if is anyone else in the comments who had this same problem and had gotten through can u please help me out i will be much appreciated,thankful and grateful for your help.🤝✌☺
Hotaru-ほたる Prije 10 dana
*cries in 9 year old pc*
Vision Gaming
Vision Gaming Prije 10 dana
The pretty asphalt macroscopically stain because joseph routinely blink over a vague step-brother. loose, incandescent tuba
Zoomjah Prije 11 dana
I've known about Blustacks but it seemed kinda clunky, so I've preferred just loading apps in the web browser when they work. So kinda looking forward to using some of these social media apps natively! ... Once I'm convinced that the gaming switch will be smooth that is.
Syed Prije 11 dana
I just upgraded to 11 and all my software from 10 are working perfectly fine i have some cracked software they are also running fine and same goes for the cracked games. So if you have a compatible machine just update without worrying.
G Mere Abbu
G Mere Abbu Prije 11 dana
Yeah I'd be lookin forward to use Snapchat on my Laptop for chattin when I'm not on Phone so that may come in handy
Manny Gonzalez-Reyna
Manny Gonzalez-Reyna Prije 12 dana
Excellent video, thanks for all the heads up!
IeatNoodles Prije 12 dana
The Amazon AppStore thing is such a let down. I hope they will support apks.
iMythixz Prije 12 dana
The start menu looks lke the start menu on chromeOS
Maverick Dakota
Maverick Dakota Prije 12 dana
Microsoft is still relevant?
Nick Smith
Nick Smith Prije 13 dana
Win 11 and Kaby Lake, some in, some out, Why?
FudgeMonkeyz69 Prije 13 dana
The 👍👎 cycle goes back even further: Windows 98 👍 Windows Me 👎 Windows XP 👍
PJ Amin
PJ Amin Prije 14 dana
marques .yes, having the ability to run android apps on my pc is definitely of interest -PJ
Frank Anderson
Frank Anderson Prije 15 dana
Another Windows 11 video and another one that ignores the lack of compatability. Says a lot about how many HRpostrs are out of touch with those how can't just keep buying the latest PC - or maybe they just don't want to rock the apple cart. More tons of e-waste for the environment. Nice one Microsoft.
Plad The music lover
Plad The music lover Prije 15 dana
Dude you sound white..
Nealson Foster
Nealson Foster Prije 15 dana
Thank you!
Samson Xia
Samson Xia Prije 15 dana
Great, Amazon just deleted my account...
One Big thing
One Big thing Prije 15 dana
You jinxed it!
smoked salmon
smoked salmon Prije 15 dana
Damn i just realized that u had a window lighting in the background of ur video
Charles Hines
Charles Hines Prije 15 dana
I heard Vista was awful
Moldy Prije 15 dana
i wanna see some app for cpu temp gpu....default in windows 11 and some start info if i wanna use Android apps then auto instal all program for use it. Why they dont make this to core windows 11. They says windows 11 best place for gaming and give us 0 app for gamers
Moldy Prije 15 dana
@SISSYPUSS Ye but why not have that install it automatically with Windows. This app is very important, for safe run PC and gamers .
SISSYPUSS Prije 15 dana
These apps - Core Temp HWMonitor Speed Fan Open Hardware Monitor Real Temp AIDA64 Extreme CPU Thermometer Speccy HWiNFO
BHFFS Prije 15 dana
Great so I basically won't be able to download all of the apps I've already purchased on the Play Store?
Tharush Somashekar
Tharush Somashekar Prije 16 dana
i still kinda prefer the window 10's flat box-ish minimal look over the windows 11 and really hope windows would provide an update which allows the UI to look like that of windows 10... before you come at me that i haven't used it, i have used it ...and don't like it and the whole system has moved from a very minimal icons and UI to a not so modern one.
Steven Zin
Steven Zin Prije 16 dana
Windows, an operating system frustrating the users since the start of it's inception, lol ...
Organic Starship
Organic Starship Prije 16 dana
I just want Android and Windows to work together in such a way so I can do an "airdrop" equivalent of files. When I am done editing my photos and digital art, I just want to drop it on my phone instead of emailing it to my phone.
Roberta Martey
Roberta Martey Prije 4 dana
Me too!
Darkness-74 Prije 16 dana
Don't forget about 8.1 it's actually pretty good almost as good as 7 even better than 10 if you didn't use AMD graphics card or windows store
Luther David A Hall
Luther David A Hall Prije 16 dana
I'm sorry but you are just Awesome. Great Video
Elsa Braun
Elsa Braun Prije 16 dana
Awesome review. Thanks for explaining how to run Android apps on Windows 11.
leoninc Prije 16 dana
Thanks Marques! Your word means a lot so, I’m upgrading without hesitation! 👍🏾
TD Prije 17 dana
Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos? Hmmm 🤔
Elijah Gutierrez
Elijah Gutierrez Prije 17 dana
Pokemon go spoofing bout to go hard
Michael J
Michael J Prije 17 dana
Well this is just beginning of copy macOS style to Windows, just look at their icons and the GUI you will know. this is nothing new..this is just like samsung copied Apple iPhone design..
Mikhail A
Mikhail A Prije 17 dana
Love it so far!!!!
Galactus Gaming
Galactus Gaming Prije 17 dana
Hi there MKBHD thanks for giving a very detailed and aesthetically accurate review about the UI and UX appearence of W11 , my question is that nowadays people are into gaming and streaming I don’t see any features that can help out gamers and switching there games and settings for streaming and broadcasting. So its more like a cooperate flat business user like themes but no gamers like look and feel So maybe they will add it later but this is my observation that you could have put in this video. Thanks from Pakistan 🇵🇰. Galactus Gaming.
CatalystOfFire Prije 18 dana
The entire presentation just looks like a gigantic resource hog. Are there still options to disable all that nonsense so it doesn't take too long to start up?
no name
no name Prije 18 dana
Windows 11 makes me wanna get into Linux more then anything
Saurabh Prije 18 dana
Tserhs Asis
Tserhs Asis Prije 18 dana
If android apps run smoothly in windows 11 then i hope they bring back windows phone 😊
Adithya Ks
Adithya Ks Prije 18 dana
I had been a windows user and a mac user but with windows 11 I hope I can get the Mac like User experience with Windows. Would prefer Windows for gaming and Mac for working any day !
calvintonline Prije 18 dana
Sounds like still no HRpost app for Windows. nay
Music Box
Music Box Prije 18 dana
if your laptop is not recommended for windows 11, do we get at some point or..........
Reginald Bridges
Reginald Bridges Prije 19 dana
They need to make an OS centered around gaming since gaming is so huge nowadays.
Gian Maria Ferrari
Gian Maria Ferrari Prije 19 dana
that windows cookie though...sweet
Dave Prije 19 dana
0:03 There was a Windows Logo In the background!
Jonathan Haughton
Jonathan Haughton Prije 19 dana
that cycle started with the MSDOS days 3 good / 4 bad / 5 good etc....
PeaceChanel Prije 19 dana
Peace.. Shalom.. Salam.. Namaste and Thank You for your efforts 🙏🏻 😊 🌈 ✌ 🌷 ☮️ ❤️
Radu Chiriac
Radu Chiriac Prije 19 dana
where is win 9??
S.M Meh
S.M Meh Prije 19 dana
Fuck amazon and its app store.. Why do you have to bring that shit into the mix?
nightmisterio Prije 19 dana
Can I run a .APK or not???
Chaos Ordeal
Chaos Ordeal Prije 19 dana
Vista was fine, and basically a minor upgrade to XP.
StopBuyingAppleProducts Prije 19 dana
Software engineer of 20+ years, here. Do NOT upgrade. You've been warned.
UFC FLORIDA Prije 18 dana
@Nina rani Bhoi can i go back to win 10 if i have already updated to win 11
Nina rani Bhoi
Nina rani Bhoi Prije 18 dana
@UFC FLORIDA simple its way too slower than windows 10
UFC FLORIDA Prije 18 dana
Tech with Albert
Tech with Albert Prije 19 dana
Thanks MKBHD for the info
Ayaz Uptimeco
Ayaz Uptimeco Prije 20 dana
One day windows will only work on Surface Pros, and it will suck.
Foxy Dreemurr
Foxy Dreemurr Prije 21 dan
Why does Microsoft has to make a whole different new system every time instead of keeping just one and continue updating it?
Amberish Kalyankar
Amberish Kalyankar Prije 21 dan
Behind marques is windows which have lights of sun
ali othman
ali othman Prije 22 dana
Thanx so much .. u r great 🌷
RageAOMC Prije 22 dana
windows 11 I mean
RageAOMC Prije 22 dana
i love the concept of windows 10 and centered taskbar. i have it installed on my laptop and it is incredible!!
Vincent Hubbard
Vincent Hubbard Prije 22 dana
You forgot Windows ME (Millennium)
Pulverrostmannen Prije 22 dana
And nobody even mentions the way they have hidden commonly used submenus into submenus so that you now have to right click to get your now useless options in which you have to pick more options and find what you always been using there. and how many other things have been scrambled as well. I don´t think I gonna like Win11 because they have again gone for the mobile functionality for this which never worked well for actual computers. I won´t say I hate it before I tried it out for some time but minimalistic design have gone too far when the news are around re-introduced "rounded corners" instead of square and flat single colored themes. it is a thing with the simple looks that kinda works but I expected the future to have more colors than Windows 3.11 with animations and beautiful interactions worthy the computing power we have today. but Instead we get this along with nothing else than more restrictions and third parties that gonna learn everything about your behavior and earn money from it. Win7 was absolutely the best layout so far in terms of visual and logical design and if you did not like it anyway just put your own custom skin and change ANYTHING you want from windows and menus with some simple tools and you have your own unique experience. and now? BIG NEWS: you can pick your own wallpaper and adjust the window color a bit.. wow.
Tanush Rathore
Tanush Rathore Prije 23 dana
Only Reason For Windows 11 to fail could be android app not taking touch responses From the foldable laptop for 2 in 1 surface
Dannny Mooren
Dannny Mooren Prije 23 dana
NO still 11 sucks..! still ingrease lettersize... wtf on tabblad still small letters still blinking screen overall not for me 11
John Smith
John Smith Prije 23 dana
"They might've just broken the cycle"?? Not if you have a perfectly fine 7th-gen cpu. That's the kinda crap that Apple does ... except even Apple doesn't send 4 year-old devices to their graves (pre-M1, anyway.) At least Apple has greed for an excuse. It's not a GOOD excuse but at least it's not totally capricious like the MS decision for Win 11
Dylan Prije 23 dana
It’s disappointing that they had to do the weird side load project for the android apps thing but I kind of can’t fault them/understand because I just don’t think Google would work with Microsoft on that
Musa Muneer
Musa Muneer Prije 23 dana
What is up BG
Sujit Gupta
Sujit Gupta Prije 24 dana
Behind marques a Windows logo cool.
ASHER JEBA Prije 24 dana
Oh God how much account Apple ID Google account Microsoft account Now even Amazon account 😑😑😑
Arthur Salt
Arthur Salt Prije 24 dana
You missed Windows 8.1, which was acceptable . . .
Aryan A.S
Aryan A.S Prije 25 dana
I use windows 11 as my main operating system and it's been great so far.
Hemang Korane
Hemang Korane Prije 25 dana
windows 8 did break the cycle but it was rather very controversial and bold move windows 10 is great and windows 11 is AMAZING!
FunKing Prije 25 dana
11: (to 10) still using this crappy software to run Android games? 10: So;o;? 11: windows 11 can run Android games.. WITHOUT ANY SOFTWARE 10: so your lucky... From where do you install it? 11: From Amazon apps 10: hahahaha😂😂😂😂 what game you'll paly? TikTok?😂😂
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