iPhone 13 Pro Review: Better Than You Think!

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Marques Brownlee

Prije 23 dana

iPhone 13 Pro is a big jump in 3 key areas, disguised by the same design!
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Phone provided by Apple for review.


Al Hughes
Al Hughes Prije 21 minute
My wife has had the phone for a week and still hasn’t noticed any difference. I noticed it immediately out of the box.
Saimir Golike’s xrd r
Saimir Golike’s xrd r Prije sat
Abin Babu
Abin Babu Prije 3 sati
Still they donot provide fast charging too bad....
Zentrr Music
Zentrr Music Prije 6 sati
I just watch these for info, but i'm happy with my Samsung! Great Video Marques!
jvenedict tabanao
jvenedict tabanao Prije 7 sati
When i saw iphone 13 pro in the mall i was very amaze by its beauty specially the gold one its like im gonna take it and run hahahaha my head was saying if only i have a money or work to afford one of these i would definitely but im a student i cant buy these things so ill stick to my old broken phone😣
George M
George M Prije 7 sati
beeeee 🐑🐑🐑
kero Prije 7 sati
16:47 smoothhhh
I was thinking of trading in my XS max for a $1000 off a 13 pro upgrade. But while I was still mellowing on the thought, it dropped to $800 off a few days later. So ima hold on until they either drop the price or make a new phone 😅
StaysafeliveHealthy Prije 10 sati
11 pro max upgrading to 13 pro max.
Milk On Sale
Milk On Sale Prije 10 sati
moving from a regular 12 to the 13 pro max, hopefully i can see a difference
Jan Blank
Jan Blank Prije 11 sati
Next iphones will probably be usbc because the EU wants standardized ports right?
Andrey Mor
Andrey Mor Prije 17 sati
Which third party app you're using to record video?
Baz K
Baz K Prije 17 sati
Really wanted to go for a Pixel 6 Pro, but it's just a bit too big. Looks like I'll be migrating from Android 😭
Hate Outcast
Hate Outcast Prije 18 sati
Me when gaming in 120hz on Xbox series X then playing on my Xbox one 😂 it’s definitely noticeable
Pínnęd by MARQUĖS BROWNLEĘ Prije 12 sati
Pínnęd by MARQUĖS BROWNLEĘ Prije 12 sati
Pínnęd by MARQUĖS BROWNLEĘ Prije 12 sati
Pínnęd by MARQUĖS BROWNLEĘ Prije 12 sati
Pínnęd by MARQUĖS BROWNLEĘ Prije 12 sati
congratulations 🎊
Ambia Rahman
Ambia Rahman Prije 19 sati
i have a samsung so there'll definitely be some big differences when i get my iphone 13 pro soon
D H Prije 20 sati
Imagine having an iphone 12? Couldn't be me.
Ladakh Travelogue
Ladakh Travelogue Prije 20 sati
Silly people keep a i phone 📱...
Hawk Odinson -90
Hawk Odinson -90 Prije 20 sati
Went from xs to iPhone 13 pro! Insane difference! Amazing phone. Though I feel like people should wait for the 14! Anyways I’m happy! And apple has really been going forward since x!
Joshua Walker
Joshua Walker Prije 20 sati
What camera do you use to shoot your HRpost videos? They are awesome! Big fan of yours!
Kemar Campbell
Kemar Campbell Prije 20 sati
Is it just me, or my 13 pro max is getting warmer than my XR!!!
Juarez Prije 21 sat
A month later and my iphone 13 pro is still not here
AEmilk 2
AEmilk 2 Prije 22 sati
those cameras make the whole phone look small wow
prophet DJS
prophet DJS Prije 23 sati
I've been a Samsung guy since cell phones first cam out, & I just ordered the galaxy z fold 3 but I just looked at the iPhone pro max & I must say it is very smooth & I might for the first time in my life own an iPhone
Kenji Lee
Kenji Lee Prije 23 sati
Its official changing from android to apple changing my s6 edge to iphone 13 pro max 1tb
Greg Alexander
Greg Alexander Prije 23 sati
How much bigger is the 13 Pro compared to a mini? I usually really prefer a smaller phone but this Pro looks really awesome. Does it fit in your pocket?
Joe Garcia Jr
Joe Garcia Jr Prije 23 sati
I have hope that the iPhone 14 will be usb c.
FragileSmoke Prije 23 sati
Going from an iPhone 8 Plus to the pro max. Super excited.. my 8 is starting to be terrible 😩
DiamondOverland Prije dan
Scratches like crazy. Whatever is advertised for that phone is fake and just providing a multi trillion dollar company, billions more based on lies and deceit. Nothing is better about this phone then the 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, and 5. Don’t bother man. After the 4s everything slowly went downhill. Must admit. The battery is better. But I don’t mind plugging my phone in every 9 hours just like every other phone. Rather it not scratch and dent.
mamba Prije dan
Goin from samsung s9 to 13 pro
Max Bezer
Max Bezer Prije dan
Going from a 7 to a 13pro 😶‍🌫️
JimmyJohn Joe
JimmyJohn Joe Prije dan
Bro I’m on my iPhone XR which has been my only phone since January 2019 and now AT&T tells me I’m done paying off my phone so I can get like $800 off the 13 pro max which kinda surprised me considering the iPhone XR was $750
Nate's Scrunchie
Nate's Scrunchie Prije dan
13 Pro Sierra Blue here. The build quality is top notch. It looks and feels premium. Honestly a good buy, coming from an Android user of the past 10 years.
Big D is me
Big D is me Prije 5 sati
Sure is premium, drop the phone, see how premium build it is :)
Vepxz YT
Vepxz YT Prije dan
Da Worst Broadcasting Network / Homemade Meals
Da Worst Broadcasting Network / Homemade Meals Prije dan
I received my iPhone 13 pro max yesterday so far so good loving it
Aaron M
Aaron M Prije dan
I’m getting my 13 pro max soon from my iPhone XS (and I get to keep the gold color! Yay!!!)
John Connor
John Connor Prije dan
Worth to wait for USB-C?
John Connor
John Connor Prije dan
Hi man. Thanks for your review and I need your opinion to choose between iPhone 13 pro and Pixel 6 pro. I use Note9 and the battery drains rapidly fast I have to charge it 6 times a day even after replacement the battery at the service center didn't help at all Samsung care staff said it relates to the phone itself. I moved to note9 from iPhone 4. I don't care about OS. I keen to grab Pixel 6 pro as apple tends to slow down the older models if you are not from France. What would you choose pixel 6pro or iPhone 6pro or 13 pro max? Thanks man.
aju.toycity Prije dan
Please upload iPhone 13 pro max review
Connor Holzhauer
Connor Holzhauer Prije dan
I just went and saw the pro in person for the first time and the pro motion was the first thing I noticed 😂
Aaron Purtell
Aaron Purtell Prije dan
I just ordered a pro max. Upgrading from a 12.
Sins Ankit
Sins Ankit Prije dan
Bhai de do mujhe please 🙏😭😭😭😭
Asif Malik
Asif Malik Prije dan
Buy a 12 pro, same experience, 350 bucks less
Island Guy 96
Island Guy 96 Prije dan
Life with Peter
Life with Peter Prije dan
Just picked up the iPhone 13 Pro and upgraded from the 8+. Love in the field at the look of it how smooth the scrolling is. I can’t wait to explore the new camera lenses because it’s such an upgrade from what I’ve heard. Awesome video. Sure appreciate all the great content you put out
# Nadia
# Nadia Prije dan
Could you add the link you said you had about why Apple chooses to not have high speed charging? Mentioned around 14:45
Jacob Anders
Jacob Anders Prije dan
RIP iPhone 8, you’ve served me well but it’s time your predecessor takes over
dragon deeznuts
dragon deeznuts Prije dan
For god sake hit the like button
Mista Peanut Head
Mista Peanut Head Prije dan
So ready to get my 13 pro max. Just have to wait for it to ship. Have had the XR for about two and half years now and ready for the switch
Mikhail Savelev
Mikhail Savelev Prije 2 dana
20 minutes, not 2 hours. 13:20
Jake Melda
Jake Melda Prije 2 dana
I think I'm going to wait for the next gen iPhone to upgrade.. I wonder what new features 14 will have
Nate Hill
Nate Hill Prije 2 dana
Me, my father, and my girlfriend all got the 13 pro, my girlfriend doesn’t really care about the specs she just wanted a bigger battery, my father only cared about the cameras, and I… Cared about the specs, it’s such a big upgrade from the previous year and has so much room to grow with software updates. Can’t wait to see what apple does with this phone
Mario036 9
Mario036 9 Prije dan
👍 well said.
Rene Medina
Rene Medina Prije 2 dana
You rock dude
NOOR Prije 2 dana
the camera is awful, i take photos on my iphone 13 pro and the phone just smoothens out my skin too much, makes the photo much brighter and sharpens it way too much...
max murphy
max murphy Prije 2 dana
Are you a robot cyborg?
player unknown
player unknown Prije 2 dana
"Because I have no friends I guess"
Arjith kumar...V
Arjith kumar...V Prije 2 dana
Bro im poor family give me iPhone bro plss🥺
Mr. Was. killed
Mr. Was. killed Prije dan
@Juu Iltaa Vaan He's a begger man, how can he get a job?? xD
Arjith kumar...V
Arjith kumar...V Prije dan
@Juu Iltaa Vaan not job poor bro😔
Juu Iltaa Vaan
Juu Iltaa Vaan Prije 2 dana
Get a job
gaaanz gechillt
gaaanz gechillt Prije 2 dana
Usb Type C will 100% come in the future. I'm from germany and here they make a law that only uniform charging cables are allowed in the future. The law is in process but idk how long it will take till it's reality, probably 5 years or more.
jesse belanger
jesse belanger Prije 2 dana
Ignorance is bliss. You don’t want a device as small as a cell phone charging at 50 or 60 watts because of the heat dissipation. it’ll absolutely kill the battery life You need a giant leap in battery technology and heat sinking for this to ever become a reality. You're literally asking to charge a phone at 10A. That's absurd.
Cristian12905 Prije 2 dana
I’ve been stuck with the iPhone 8 for over 3 years (not the plus btw) and I’m already upgrading to the 13 pro max in a few weeks so that’s a big W
Kris Smith
Kris Smith Prije 2 dana
I'm a bit of a tech nerd. I've been watching your videos for a good while now. You're one of the best dude! I'm an Android guy since the G1, but I just had to stop by and check it the competition while I await the the arrival of my P6P. Looking forward to your full review after the embargo of course. Keep up the great work...🤙🏻
Eye-chan Prije 2 dana
When I got my ipad pro I immediately noticed 120hz. It felt super fast... I didn't even know it was the refresh rate... I thought it was just because of more ram and the M1.
Jason Chui
Jason Chui Prije 2 dana
The tan test contemporaneously zip because mother-in-law latterly rub in a naive zoo. reflective, jumbled feature
Stekxey Prije 2 dana
I’m going from an 8+ to the 13 Pro Max. Will I see a difference? Like a big one?
Khalabibi is the Hot bathtub goat
Khalabibi is the Hot bathtub goat Prije 20 sati
hell yeah lol tf u think
Leon Biebl
Leon Biebl Prije 2 dana
yes, especially the battery life.
Happy Happy Panda
Happy Happy Panda Prije 2 dana
why is no one talking about too much post processing by the iphone 13 automatically? I took some pictures and the phone made it weirdly sharp and washed out in colours compared to what i see on screen before snapping the photo.
Vking P
Vking P Prije 2 dana
I just got my phone and came back to comment that I totally agree with you about the manual option for the macro camera. If your not recording stationary then it easily switches to the macro camera when near things and even after you move it doesn’t switch back immediately and the screen is blurry for like 5-10secs. Hopefully the add that manual switch off option soon
Alex R
Alex R Prije 2 dana
Watch out, if you go past 3 seconds past for World Trade Center Tower 1, they are going to come for you for licensing 😂. I like the non bias review.
Ref. Resendiz
Ref. Resendiz Prije 2 dana
By far the worst phone I’ve ever owned. Second time I attempted to go to iPhone and it’s the last time I will. Hello P6Pro
Cian Richards
Cian Richards Prije 2 dana
You say that the iPhone won't get USB C, but apple doesn't have much of a choice if they want to continue selling their phones here in the EU as it is now mandatory for all new smartphones to be USB C to reduce E-waste and different charging cables. I highly doubt that they'll make a separate model for the US.
Pínned by       unbõx Thêrâpy
Pínned by unbõx Thêrâpy Prije 2 dana
Plus 1 Open bracket. IX I 0 Close bracket. II I VIII I VII I I..
Pínned by       unbõx Thêrâpy
Pínned by unbõx Thêrâpy Prije 2 dana
Winner’s! Contact me lew Whatapp only...
Pu55io Prije 2 dana
I’m going from iPhone 8 to 13pro this gone be weird 😭
Pínned by       unbõx Thêrâpy
Pínned by unbõx Thêrâpy Prije 2 dana
Plus 1 Open bracket. IX I 0 Close bracket. II I VIII I VII I I..
Pínned by       unbõx Thêrâpy
Pínned by unbõx Thêrâpy Prije 2 dana
Winner’s! Contact me lew Whatapp only..
Iwishthaticanbelikethecoolkids Yesyesyes
Iwishthaticanbelikethecoolkids Yesyesyes Prije 2 dana
Went from a 8 plus to a 13 pro max insane change in battery life
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Pínned by unbõx Thêrâpy Prije 2 dana
Plus 1 Open bracket. IX I 0 Close bracket. II I VIII I VII I I..
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Pínned by unbõx Thêrâpy Prije 2 dana
Winner’s! Contact me lew Whatapp only..
Δ わるよ歩み
Δ わるよ歩み Prije 2 dana
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Plus 1 Open bracket. IX I 0 Close bracket. II I VIII I VII I I.
Pínned by       unbõx Thêrâpy
Pínned by unbõx Thêrâpy Prije 2 dana
Winner’s! Contact me lew Whatapp only.
Arely Palacios
Arely Palacios Prije 2 dana
great job marques.
Pínned by       unbõx Thêrâpy
Pínned by unbõx Thêrâpy Prije 2 dana
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Winner’s! Contact me lew Whatapp only..
The Wonderful World of Tangie
The Wonderful World of Tangie Prije 2 dana
K I'm torn between iPhone and Samsung 😭😭😭😭 android is just so free to do stuff
K. SIGNAL Prije 2 dana
M.B. you're putting out good videos Bro "Keep up the good work"
Raj Milan
Raj Milan Prije 2 dana
3 months back I went from S20 FE 5G with 120Hz refresh rate to iPhone 12 Pro Max with 60Hz and felt not so much different.
Jdhwww Prije 2 dana
Everyone got angry
Kaysha Bella
Kaysha Bella Prije 2 dana
Please help. I have the Samsung S20. I'm hesitant about switching to the IPhone for the first time. Should I get the IPhone 13 Promax?
babarizam Prije 2 dana
Is there anyone who can help me find out how much available space is in Iphone 13 pro max 128 GB after unboxing?
Guru Sandhu
Guru Sandhu Prije 2 dana
I just watched "Red camera" on The studio channel And this intro,,, it's so professional 💚
Billy Bailey
Billy Bailey Prije 2 dana
Haven’t watched it yet but I just upgraded from the X to the 13 pro max…hope it’s worth it
Bruno_toxic Prije 3 dana
Where da vid you said you were gonna link😅why iphones don't use high megapixels and stuff
Lätta Laban
Lätta Laban Prije 3 dana
USB C probably gonna happen because EU decided to implement a rule to standardize it!
Sauce1Ta Prije 3 dana
Getting mine on November 19-21. (Late Verizon shipping)
Firdaus Tahrin
Firdaus Tahrin Prije 3 dana
i am currently using ip6s, should I upgrade to 13 pro? hmm
Juu Iltaa Vaan
Juu Iltaa Vaan Prije 2 dana
Jano L
Jano L Prije 3 dana
Hey Marques would you mind to check this incredibly ridiculous issue? there is a problem that needs proper coverage. The notification sound volume at maximum is considerably less than the ringtone volume. Go to audio and set your ringtone to Apex then do the same thing for the text tone and listen. Much softer. I just got a 13 pro and this is frustrating as when the phone is in my pocket I simply don’t hear my messages coming in. Also the email tone I have selected is different from what sounds when I get an email on the Gmail app. Cannot seem to be able to change it… Never had this kind of problems with my S10+… I will return the iPhone if not solved within the next week.
FitNars101 Prije 3 dana
I can't wait to get a hold of the iphone 14pro max! The last iphone i used was the 3gs 😪
Nguyễn Anh Nguyên
Nguyễn Anh Nguyên Prije 3 dana
I found that iPhone is so incremental on innovation. Changes are irrelevant to a lot of people. Especially during this tough time, I would bother much though.
Into the Multiverse
Into the Multiverse Prije 3 dana
Went from xs max to s20 plus - didn’t notice anything except the overheating of the phone all the time and poor battery life. Might be due to the rubbish European chips. So went back to an 11 Pro Max and didn’t notice any screen difference.
CSGOTERROR Prije 3 dana
When this will be enough?
Bongeka Senatle
Bongeka Senatle Prije 3 dana
Going from iPhone 6 to iPhone 13 is so insane
Dylan Page
Dylan Page Prije 3 dana
I’m going from an iPhone 8 to the 13 Pro and I can’t wait to see the difference
Orozco Media
Orozco Media Prije 3 dana
finally upgrading from my iphone X!
taz a
taz a Prije 3 dana
Me watching on my breaking iphone8
Jehonas Prije 3 dana
bout to upgrade from a iphone 7, wish me luck
Deezy Cain
Deezy Cain Prije 3 dana
I’m going from an 8 plus to a 13 pro max I honestly am excited to see the differences
Ronny Oehler
Ronny Oehler Prije 5 sati
You will be blown away. Enjoy your new device.
Lucian Motovelet
Lucian Motovelet Prije 3 dana
There is a problem with hot pixels on 13 pro, on 30s exp, in pitch black. Pls check that.
Sleeze De'cruz
Sleeze De'cruz Prije 3 dana
seems herman miller delivery will come in....
Specter1031 Prije 3 dana
Anyone wondering what that video at 2:39 is, it's from a channel called Kurtzgesagt in a Nutshell and they have great science videos with those animations.
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