Google Pixel 5A: Spot the Difference!

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Marques Brownlee

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Pixel 5A vs Pixel 4A 5G. A budget smartphone refresh for the history books.
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Phone provided by Google for review.


Casey Bell
Casey Bell Prije sat
Very good review per usual. I'm wondering if the 4a is the better buy if I'm not getting the 6? I want a good camera and video camera. TY.
srujan chintala
srujan chintala Prije 7 sati
How much this phone actually costs?
ChromaFox Prije 14 sati
They quietly discontinued the 5, 5A and even the 4A with 5G here in the UK a while before the Pixel 6 got properly announced, seems like they don't want any 5G competition cannibalising their sales.
Ali Prije dan
what's the background noise? its so annoying?
कुणाल सिंह
कुणाल सिंह Prije 4 dana
How to purchase Google Pixel 6
Green Bean
Green Bean Prije 4 dana
You kinda suck at reviewing phone for their actual value
Ιάσονας Αλιφέρης
Ιάσονας Αλιφέρης Prije 4 dana
I'm already looking forward for the pixel 6a
WIZ Prije 4 dana
Now the 5A VS 5A 5G
WIZ Prije 4 dana
When does the 6A come out after the 6
ALAN DUDE Prije 5 dana
james townsend
james townsend Prije 6 dana
I've been looking around waiting for this phone to come to someplace like Best Buy and then a quick Google search said it would only be sold on the Google store? Anybody know if this is going to be the case?
J M Prije sat
Only Google store. I have it and I throughly enjoy it
MEDUSAvsSHOE Prije dan
I got this phone and absolutely hate it. You aren't missing out.
M K Prije 6 dana
Damn, it's a shame Google changed the camera looks in Pixel 6. I like the 4a/5/5a much more. Great minimalistic design, in my opinion.
Alii Prije 2 dana
I like it too. But they want to differentiate them self
Arcitek Prije 7 dana
Intro Track is Right Down Left Up by 20syl
San Prije 7 dana
should they release the a series with the flagships, like apple?
ANS Prije 7 dana
Just gonna wait for pixel 6a
Tyhjän toimittaja
Tyhjän toimittaja Prije 7 dana
That fucking phone costs 1000€ in my country. Literally.
Tommaso l
Tommaso l Prije 9 dana
Why 60 hz???
Sir Milky
Sir Milky Prije 9 dana
have the 5A coming in a little late for my birthday (my birthday is today) and for someone who forgets to pug in my phone at night sometimes its amazing that it has a bigger battery
renchu rs
renchu rs Prije 10 dana
They should upgrade the Display REFRESH RATE 60 FROM 120HZ. Because the phone battle field all ready have at least 90hz weapon.😐
SABIN SABU Prije 11 dana
Does it have international warranty?
Nicholas Ikeh
Nicholas Ikeh Prije 11 dana
I DON'T TRUST PIXELS, MY 4A HAD A LOT OF touchscreen sensitivity issues. It's a common problem, look it up.
Alii Prije 2 dana
Really? Maybe it took a shock while shipping
lol Prije 12 dana
The dream phone is the Pixel 5 body, >60Hz, and cheap.
Frances 22 y.o - check my vidéó
Frances 22 y.o - check my vidéó Prije 11 dana
Watching this after your detailed studio tour, I can just reimagine the places you are shooting instantly. Curiously it actually makes things more interesting! It's like I'm having some insider info ;)
kobe Prije 12 dana
When this phone will come to Europe?
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Prije 12 dana
You are really smart
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Prije 12 dana
So they put the price down so they made a the chip to be affordable so it can be cheaper 🤔 that cool because people who can't afford for a more expensive phone they can get a budget phone like pixel
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Prije 12 dana
You right they trying to sell these pixel and making a lot of them
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Prije 12 dana
So they Basically made the same phone until 🤔the new pixels 6 comes out
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Prije 12 dana
Yes that looks nice 💥💥💥
AllahGator Prije 13 dana
Who's watching on a 5a?
Alii Prije 2 dana
Do you plan on buying the new pixel 6?
srujan chintala
srujan chintala Prije 13 dana
Does this phone supports wireless charging?
J M Prije 4 dana
Abhishek Dharme
Abhishek Dharme Prije 13 dana
Does it come with Gorilla glass 3 or 6????
Sachin Malhotra
Sachin Malhotra Prije 14 dana
USA: Pixel 4a 5g vs 5a, very similar but still launched. India: 4a vs 5a huge difference, still not launched. Reason: Value for money is higher in other smartphones.
911Glokk Prije 14 dana
I hope they keep the updates going for the 5a.
John Chaparro
John Chaparro Prije 14 dana
contemplating getting a pixel 5 before they run out of stock since all we get is 6gb unless we get a phone that's all ridiculous looking like most new phones.
BestiesXFidgets Prije 15 dana
Rock solid software experience, amazing camera, waterproof, metal unibody, large OLED screen, 3 years of OS support, headphone jack and insanely good battery life. All for under $500. This is THE best bang for the buck, hands down!
F**СК МЕ - СНЕCK MY РR0FILЕ Prije 11 dana
As I Understand: You should throw both of them in water, the one that survives is 5A
Peter Clausen
Peter Clausen Prije 16 dana
Would have bought a Pixel 5A if it was available in Denmark! It's not. So I'm going with a OnePlus Nord 2. It's frustrating when you want a specific phone but you can't buy it in your region.
spanishh2001 Prije 16 dana
i've watched alot of your reviews and for some reason, when your talking about android phones, you're very critical about everything....but your iphone reviews are not the same....your very forgiving of apple and their overpriced, boring phones....which you reviewers seem to love......i keep hearing reviewers say that things just work on iphones....well things just work on my pixel but you wont hear reviewers mention that.....just my opinion ........
Alii Prije 2 dana
Which pixel do you have?
YellowMiner12 Prije 16 dana
I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G and was thinking about the 5a 5G. If I get it that'll be my first Pixel. Seems really good I'll probably get it.
Alii Prije 2 dana
If you will get it. I will be happy to buy your s20 fe. For real Cz I just want a solid phone with a good camera like s20 fe pixel 4a/5a or iPhone Xs
LANCELOT Prije 17 dana
like it
Charles Shaw
Charles Shaw Prije 17 dana
AluRitter Prije 18 dana
I'd like to buy this one, but Google said nope to germany :(
శి రో
శి రో Prije 18 dana
Google: Makes 449$ Pixel Indians 😀 Also Google: Not releasing it in India Indians 😑
Jonathas Junior
Jonathas Junior Prije 18 dana
7k battery for P6
Jthall1990 Prije 20 dana
I hope Google keeps the A series. A solid mid ranger. For a good price with an IPX rating and great camera.
Prakhar Srivastava
Prakhar Srivastava Prije 20 dana
Pixel 4A 5G to Pixel 5A 5G = iPad 8 2020 to iPad 9 2021
Carroll Captures
Carroll Captures Prije 20 dana
Wait in America do isp have control of different districts??? Here in Ireland nearly every single one of our isp have a 100% country wide coverage map so even in the country side you can pick what isp you want from over 6 options. Each has upwards of 1gbps speeds if you're willing to pay for it
Cosmic Grim
Cosmic Grim Prije 20 dana
Can someone please explain the changes in Google photos unlimited storage. Does Pixel5a have unlimited storage in "storage saver quality"? And does the 4a still have unlimited storage in "Original quality"?
Christian Flores
Christian Flores Prije 21 dan
Its got a better batt6than they 5!
Abi nrw
Abi nrw Prije 22 dana
Please review galaxy A series too
A VS Prije 22 dana
And it will take forever to launch in India
aidan Prije 22 dana
i really need to see a drop test before buying this, im seeing so many bad reviews about the screen cracking far easier than other phones
&y Diaz
&y Diaz Prije 24 dana
Not just the same... but mostly.
Naurel Fearon
Naurel Fearon Prije 24 dana
Is the 5a a gsm phone?
Rosaria Prije 25 dana
If they want to make Pixel 6 sell more, it's time for them to expand to other markets. I'd definitely buy a 6a with Tensor chip though, that'll be the dopest budget phone.
Haider Shahid
Haider Shahid Prije 25 dana
There needs to be a pixel xl to be honest !
Clay Whitenack
Clay Whitenack Prije 26 dana
I was holding out for a 6 or 6 Pro but my old Pixel 2XL just bit the dust. Wondering if it is worth limping along and waiting/paying for a 6/6Pro, or whether I should just settle for the 5A.
Alii Prije 2 dana
Get the 5a or 6 pro because the regular 6 has a really bad cheap bezzels.. like samsung's $250 galaxy A32 :)
Draco Prije 27 dana
Google would sell more phones, if they open official stores in many places. I'm living in Poland, no official Google store available, so even if I like pixel a lot...I can't buy it. That's sucks as hell.
Ann-Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
Ann-Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW Prije 17 dana
There's no boring review with him. He's so good at what he does. I love watching him 😍
FieldMarshall Prije 27 dana
How does it compare to Galaxy S20 FE?
SB N Prije 28 dana
Only real competition is iPhone SE
Alii Prije 2 dana
Naaah bruh, I like apple but pixel 5a easly destroy iPhone se, for sure, in every aspect :D
Alessio Cataldo
Alessio Cataldo Prije mjesec
Good Lord google pls europe ahhhhhhhhhh
Lala Land
Lala Land Prije mjesec
I like your colorful rug
PC Master Race
PC Master Race Prije mjesec
Recently bought a pixel 3 brand new, performs similarly as a pixel 5
JaySaur Prije mjesec
The 5a 5g release was perfectly timed for me. I wanted (well needed honestly, I've been running off a gifted obsolete s7 for two years now, ugh) a phone with a great camera that does the essentials and will have support as long as possible as up till now I'd largely used hand-me-downs with limited future update support. I'm not interested in paying extra for the pixel 6 due to my own budget and even a pixel 6a I imagine is going to be around a 600-700 dollar device at a low estimate. I'm very excited for their success though and I hope the pixel 6 manages to compete with the devices it's trying to compete with so that google can keep putting out better and better budget and mid-ranged models for us normies and people who don't want to rely on financing and credit for phones. I see the pixel 5a 5g lasting me 4-5 years with how I treat devices and with the proposed EOL and the care program, but I'd love for them to be successful enough with the Pixel 6 and their own cpu architecture to have tempting budget friendly upgrades to offer me before then.
ujwal shetty
ujwal shetty Prije mjesec
Hope pixel series will make a re-entey into indian market..
Douglas Chan
Douglas Chan Prije mjesec
I'm on a 4a and my photos beat all my iPhone Samsung friends consistently. I think Google has just done phones too well. Everything works.
Louise 22 y.o - check my vidéó
Louise 22 y.o - check my vidéó Prije 11 dana
As I Understand: You should throw both of them in water, the one that survives is 5A
goodfella Prije mjesec
So excited for the 6! Must be a huge release.
Afterlife Voices
Afterlife Voices Prije mjesec
I am 68 years old, and this is my first phone. I live in California and tested it by calling my sister in Ohio. I spoke with my sister for an hour ( yeah, I know ), the call was loud and clear the entire time. Great phone
Alii Prije 2 dana
I'm 18 and saving to get one too :)
NotNormal29 Prije mjesec
Was looking forward for a Pixel 5a review, got an ad for the Pixel 6 instead. Thanks.
Helen🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With
Helen🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With Prije 2 dana
"what do we do to increase our phone's popularity?" "Announce this year's phone of our most popular linup in the quietest way possible" "Brilliant"
Santosh Sethi
Santosh Sethi Prije mjesec
5G mmWave that 4a 5G have but not including in 5a 5G
Mia - Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 18+🅥
Mia - Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 18+🅥 Prije 18 dana
I have a Moto G fast atm. This seems like the perfect mid tier upgrade for me from what I've seen. Anything cheaper is not enough of an upgrade yet anything higher in specs is too expensive of an upgrade for an upgrade I don't need.
Loretta _
Loretta _ Prije mjesec
I guess they'd already signed contracts that would cost too much to get around 🤷🏻‍♀️
[L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
[L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW Prije 11 dana
"same lack of wireless charging" rofl lmao I fainted at that satire
ZXC Muzix
ZXC Muzix Prije mjesec
dont forget apple iphone, they are making us play the same game, spot the difference xD
Ann-Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
Ann-Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW Prije 16 dana
You say like not seeing a design change is a bad thing, except it's often quite the opposite. When you have a great design that feels good in the hand, why bother changing it. Just so people know you're not a peasant running around with last gen? Because that's the only valid reason I can think of why one would change a perfectly good design.
Daniel X
Daniel X Prije mjesec
Well, I just ordered one. The second I saw it was available, I ordered it. I have an old 3a XL that is starting to get tired. One thing I have to say is that even though the specs are just like the 4A that's partly because the 4A was packed with features. For that cost, the RAM and everything is just incredible.
Alii Prije 2 dana
How's the camera (portrait) and navigation
Andrea Victoria Vela
Andrea Victoria Vela Prije mjesec
what about google Fi?
JCS Prije mjesec
Looks very very cheap
Maria Sweety Hotgirl - Vlogs
Maria Sweety Hotgirl - Vlogs Prije 2 dana
People: “Apple sells the same phone every year!!” Google:
F. L. R.
F. L. R. Prije mjesec
I need those wallpapers 🥲
Marco C. Duran
Marco C. Duran Prije mjesec
450 is budget now? I bought my OnePlus 6T for 499 5-6 months after it released and it was considered a high-end phone 😮 Gonna have to make it last another year I need to save up lol
Rishi M
Rishi M Prije mjesec
Better strategy should have been to release more vibrant colours for the 4a itself, skipping the new 'a' launch completely
Louis Franco Jr.
Louis Franco Jr. Prije mjesec
I'm currently using the Pixel 4a 5G and there are things that are frustrating about it. Especially the overheating issue when livestreaming or just living in California during the summer. So the Pixel 6 sounds really tempting. Even this 5a sounds tempting cuz of the bigger battery and waterproofing. But I'm wondering if I should just wait until the Pixel 6a that will hopefully be running on the Tensor chip as well. Thanks for the informative video once again!!!
Little Lego Side
Little Lego Side Prije mjesec
Apple : drops charger from next launch Google: I'm gonna end Tim's whole career,..... Guys.... Make this available in only US and Japan cuz their data is valuable
👄 𝔽**СК МЕ 𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 РR0FIL Prije 2 dana
This can only mean we should expect a big battery in the Pixel 6 series. Love to see it 👌🏾
Little Lego Side
Little Lego Side Prije mjesec
Should I wait for it to launch in india or rather find something else?
Sherri T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
Sherri T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me Prije 16 dana
So, this is my new phone. I've been a very faithful pixel user for years and years and years. Ironically the only reason I purchased this phone was because there was a (I didn't know this at the time) massive software issue with the battery that essentially turned my 4xl into a brick. so hearing that the only improvement is the battery is a huge bonus for me because, well, that's really the only thing I didn't like about my 4xl. That and it's almost impossible to find people to fix this phone as it isn't as universally serviceable as other phones. As iphones have switched to USB C ports, I no longer have the issue of being randomly stranded somewhere and not having a charger because most people have them. To me, pixels have the superior camera and that's kind of important to me as a (cringe) "influencer". For me the camera, and the integration with google stuff makes the pixels a no brainer, but when they break (which is honestly rare), they are incredibly stressful to fix.
David Westwood
David Westwood Prije mjesec
Just ordered a Pixel 5A through Google Fi for $9/month subscription. The phone costs $216 over 2 years... not bad!
rattnak 21
rattnak 21 Prije mjesec
Let's see if he will play "spot the difference" with iphone 13.
Artur Santos
Artur Santos Prije mjesec
So yeah, after seeing the new iPhone lineup, sure, Google is a lazy company when it comes to their Pixel's design...... C'mon.....
Ron Prije mjesec
Google became more Apple than Apple
Kishan kotecha
Kishan kotecha Prije mjesec
After watching all your videos specifically about smartphone now i am able to understand much more about new smartphone lineup and price justifications for certain models , btw i am very big fan of pixel lineup from india and stuck bcz pixel 5a is not launched india and i m just curious about how can i get pixel 5a in india maybe you could guide me about this
NIT Prije mjesec
I'm kinda mad I got the 4a 5g about 6 months ago. Idk how the 4a 5g is cheaper than the 5a. Doest make sense
Brody Brown
Brody Brown Prije mjesec
Getting tired of my iPhone XR and I’d rather had this than an SE… and if I buy a new phone I’m paying in cash..
Dalton Brennan
Dalton Brennan Prije mjesec
Stop acting like a headphone jack is a bonus it makes it less water-resistant haven't even used a headphone jack since I don't even know when and I'm not even rich I always buy mid-tier phones at most like more often than not whenever I need to get a new phone I need to get a new phone so I get a cheap one like $100 or so. They put in a slightly bigger haptic sensor or anyting anything whatsoever other than a headphone jack which is another hole that makes it less water resistant
Ward Cleaver
Ward Cleaver Prije mjesec
I'm getting this phone
Dave OnGrave
Dave OnGrave Prije mjesec
Google should release their "a" series along with their new phones, i.e. the 5a should come out with the Pixel 6, the 6a should be released simultaneously with the Pixel 7, etc .
Sebastain Smith
Sebastain Smith Prije mjesec
I’m glad you got the phone. I ordered mine on the 9th supposed to get it today and they didn’t even give it to the shipper
Mic Perez
Mic Perez Prije mjesec
The only thing I don't like about it is the 3.5mm connector is on the top
sandro tsagareishvili
sandro tsagareishvili Prije mjesec
Do you think samsung galalxsy s20 fe is a good phone ???
PhantomMatrix Prije mjesec
No laser focus? Guess last year will be better! 3:49
J Ng
J Ng Prije mjesec
Slow reaction to the shutter button.
John Wharton
John Wharton Prije mjesec
Google started doing a 2yr phone subscription thing through Fi. I think part of the reason for the 5a was to let users know "hey look, there will be a new phone for you when it's time to upgrade"
HadesWTF Prije mjesec
I think I'll just keep my 4XL it's the only phone I've ever had that has had 0 slowdown after 3 to 4 years of use.
T Wall
T Wall Prije mjesec
So if I caught him correctly at around 4:00 the 5A is $50 cheaper than the 4A 5G. I do know they're discontinuing the 4A 4g. Well they're not going to be making them anymore. I've wanted to try a Pixel for months now, I've always only had Samsung. But I'm being a little crazy about it. I've probably watched 200 videos, always talking to people.. most likely it will be the 5A I purchase. I just wish it was a tad smaller. That's one of the best things about Google phones as well, your pocket doesn't look like you're carrying around an encyclopedia. They make tablets and smart TV'S for a reason.
Raven Prije mjesec
14kk subs....says nothing about horrible PWM....noicee
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