Top 5 Android 12 Features: Huge Redesign!

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Marques Brownlee

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Android 12 Beta on my Pixel 5 is a pretty wild redesign.
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world of everything
world of everything Prije 19 sati
Is (samsung A70) receiving this update
yooser naime
yooser naime Prije 2 dana
Android 12 is ugly enough to make me think twice about my Huawei boycott. I'd rather have the CCP spying on me than have to look at UGLY mess that is the Android 12 UI!
Gremsa basu
Gremsa basu Prije 2 dana
Android 11 is not fun doesn't allow me to access my files android data, annoying😡. I hope Android 12 brings back file access
Sodahiss Prije 2 dana
I am here with an iPhone 13 Pro max, and I gotta say that’s a beautiful UI and OS
SQIUD GAME Prije 2 dana
😜😂 any malayalis here😜
eng.ali Prije 4 dana
how to get rid of the small clock in the corner on the home screen ?
Marcin Terlecki
Marcin Terlecki Prije 4 dana
All this privacy settings is a gimic. Government can access what they want and when they want without telling you shit.
This Guy
This Guy Prije 4 dana
They took away the option to change my icons on the notification bar :(
Robin 0805
Robin 0805 Prije 4 dana
Avinash Amarnath
Avinash Amarnath Prije 4 dana
My feedback on Pixel 5 - Don't like the bigger icons and display. But definitely notice the much smoother UI compared to Android 11.
Harry Len
Harry Len Prije 4 dana
To day after the relish Google 6 got the update :) All I can say Love it!!
Joseph Hernandez
Joseph Hernandez Prije 4 dana
How did you get the ampersand instrumental, website or payment or do you just have a connection to 20syl?
Anthony Schutz
Anthony Schutz Prije 4 dana
Just got the update, it's definitely different, it does feel slower in a way though, when I try to swipe through things really fast it doesn't register all my taps/swipes
Martin Prije dan
@Masanobu Nishimura as if they took away the option to customise??
Masanobu Nishimura
Masanobu Nishimura Prije dan
@Martin same here I miss Android 11....
Martin Prije dan
@Anthony Schutz damn. The lockscreen clock is so damn big it ruins my background ahaha
Anthony Schutz
Anthony Schutz Prije dan
@Martin I have no idea
Martin Prije dan
Hey I hate the design and size of the lock screen font etc.. do u know how to change it?
SchutzStaffel Prije 4 dana
09:00 how to find those? I have only 4 colors
Md. Sohel
Md. Sohel Prije 5 dana
MKBH also Illuminati😂😂
Joshua Aby
Joshua Aby Prije 5 dana
Can you make a video on MIUI
Gem Iñigo
Gem Iñigo Prije 5 dana
"🔼👁️👕" MKBHD T-Shirt 🤔
MeeTube Prije 5 dana
Illuminati t-shirt?? Seriously dude? Unsubsribing right now. Followed you for years for this?? Bye 👋
Nadim Ahmad
Nadim Ahmad Prije 6 dana
You are eluminai
Ryan A
Ryan A Prije 6 dana
I just got Android 11, then I see this video... But after watching it I'm glad I don't have it, Android 11 is amazing, feels minimalist, Android 12 looks the opposite of minimalist lol
Orce Shutinoski
Orce Shutinoski Prije 7 dana
What!? The iOs and Android now have same design 😡☹
S M Arfanul Karim
S M Arfanul Karim Prije 7 dana
Why is he wearing a ilumin*ti t-shirt
The Dan.4real
The Dan.4real Prije 8 dana
Very sus clothing
Rahmatullah Patel
Rahmatullah Patel Prije 8 dana
Do u think the samsung galaxy 2019 10.1 tablet will get the android 12
Md Minhajul Islam Shanto
Md Minhajul Islam Shanto Prije 8 dana
Illuminati 🥴🥴 unsubscribe...👎
Adrian F.
Adrian F. Prije 9 dana
Google designing its own chip? I'm worried; both about other chip producers and the disadvantages Google might give them, and about what spyware they might hide in there.
conory Prije 9 dana
When will the Samsung S10 get Android 12?
Hilbert Prije 9 dana
KazuhaGamingYT Prije 11 dana
Doesn't android 12 has a name. 'Snow cone?'
Siddharth K
Siddharth K Prije 12 dana
I would like it on my phone. But Android 11 is the last update 😭😭
Raiden Quill
Raiden Quill Prije 12 dana
They copied Xiaomi MIUI 12.5 and just added some addons while copying apple
Sonny Ali
Sonny Ali Prije 13 dana
That's rich....Marques talking about Android's privacy while wearing an all-seeing eye shirt. It's too bad he sold his soul because he was a good kid.
Ks Suryaa
Ks Suryaa Prije 14 dana
Oneplus 8t will get color os 12 or oxygen os 12...?
057_Ngurah Komang Wira Galih Adhisthanaya
057_Ngurah Komang Wira Galih Adhisthanaya Prije 14 dana
I'm so far away from android 10 and i just wonder how android 11 and 12 work and eager to test it directly
SAIDU T.H Prije 14 dana
MKBHD, our Allien in creating Tech videos.❤️
Bugie Iskandar
Bugie Iskandar Prije 15 dana
that's privacy section looks good!
R P Prije 15 dana
Should be called Android 21. this way we know right away which year the OS was released. No clue why Windows and android don't make this simple change. Samsung is finally doing this with their phones S21 etc..
Mike Ciulini
Mike Ciulini Prije 15 dana
top stuff
Sonam Gyalsan
Sonam Gyalsan Prije 15 dana
M a huge fan of it 🤜🤛
This is my reply →
This is my reply → Prije 16 dana
Best android ever!
PC Basics
PC Basics Prije 16 dana
Not sure how I feel about everything being so big... It looks like my Grandpa's phone with everything blown way up in size.
trooper5131 Prije 17 dana
M Sai Manish
M Sai Manish Prije 17 dana
congrats to android users who are getting android 12, your phones are the chosen ones.
JAGAN NATHAN Prije 17 dana
12 launcher update this is waste of time not a major jump like android 9 to 10 or 2.3 to4
Nicholas Haralambidis
Nicholas Haralambidis Prije 17 dana
That's what I'm talking about! Well you too! lol.... Android animation's were always blah, plane , etc etc... I'm excited they are doing this change
WeirdDev Prije 17 dana
Since when you are illuminati fan
RITHETIC Prije 18 dana
Android >>>
Aditya Kondragunta
Aditya Kondragunta Prije 18 dana
Give Google pixel
Unite for RIGHT TO REPAIR Prije 18 dana
Very cool. Thank you
My dumb youtube channal
My dumb youtube channal Prije 18 dana
:( I have an old phone its stuck on 6.0.1 even though it should have gotten the nugat (7.0) update years ago
Shubham Karkhanis
Shubham Karkhanis Prije 19 dana
Seeing this on Xiaomi phone hurts man.
Viktor Pálinkás
Viktor Pálinkás Prije 19 dana
So fun to see this, as most of the UI updates for Android 12 are already part of MIUI. :D
MoneyBagCrow Prije 19 dana
They need to focus on social media cameras lol
Chirag Gajare
Chirag Gajare Prije 19 dana
what is the intro song name?
Nabhan Anuz
Nabhan Anuz Prije 19 dana
Man I just got 11 bro. I'm on an Android one phone btw
Ibn e Badr
Ibn e Badr Prije 20 dana
why he uses the illuminate shirts
Demo Smith
Demo Smith Prije 20 dana
Why did you where that shirt 😭😭
J R Prije 20 dana
Once Samsung software is like apples where they get all the good stuff then i will be happy😔
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith Prije 20 dana
Didn't know you liked top gear bro. It's good to hear. I've been a fan of the UK version for years and it's my favorite TV show period. Keep making amazing content, I've also been a fan of this channel for years. It's been awesome seeing the progress.
Ricardo S.
Ricardo S. Prije 21 dan
Illuminati confirmed
Leonard Michel
Leonard Michel Prije 21 dan
04:28 The scrolling is still too slow when holding near top edge.
Little Mint
Little Mint Prije 21 dan
Will the a72 run on Android twelve?
KazuhaGamingYT Prije 11 dana
Every smartphone which came pre-installed with 11 will get snow cone (android 12)
Mark Trujillo
Mark Trujillo Prije 21 dan
Android sucks ……
SBJ Infra471
SBJ Infra471 Prije 21 dan
Will you give me any android phone for study....
Kristián Humeník
Kristián Humeník Prije 23 dana
I'm really, really looking forward to the new Android 😍. I really like the new style, new features and all other stuff. P.S.: Awesome video Marques 👏
Esa Syt
Esa Syt Prije 24 dana
Isn’t the beta for developers only? You are not a developer. Lol
AbrishPhoenix Prije 25 dana
🤮😭😭 what is ur shirt i'm going to unsubscribe
Naman Mori
Naman Mori Prije 26 dana
Bought pixel 4a new for 200 bucks
Rusty Rocket
Rusty Rocket Prije 26 dana
Illuminati confirmed
Tarini Saikia
Tarini Saikia Prije 27 dana
Hey brother can you please tell me whether I will get android 12 update or not? My mobile is micromax in 2b and now I'm on android 11.
Tarini Saikia
Tarini Saikia Prije 11 dana
@KazuhaGamingYT it's on android 11 out of the box brother
KazuhaGamingYT Prije 11 dana
Did it came pre-installed? Or was it on 10? Cause some phones only get 1 updates, some get 2, very few get 3.
Sam Abdallah
Sam Abdallah Prije 27 dana
That is awesome :). Thank you for the video.
Muhamad Taqi
Muhamad Taqi Prije 27 dana
Dude's wearing illuminati shirt
Gabriel Gomez
Gabriel Gomez Prije 28 dana
Xiaomi with its Miui UI has had these features for more than 2 years. I liked the new design.
ABHIN ABHI Prije mjesec
Do a video about pixel 3 in 2021
ABHIN ABHI Prije mjesec
Bro what about Considering a pixel 3 in 2021 at the price range of 13000 Indian Ruppees
Catriona Prije mjesec
I hate the large stuff. Looking forward to my first return back to iPhone with the 13 Pro Max since the 3G
Haroon Farman
Haroon Farman Prije mjesec
triangle for some reason? illuminati confirmed xD
Brad Robinson
Brad Robinson Prije mjesec
Whats on his shirt 😲😲
PC Master Race
PC Master Race Prije mjesec
I see you sold your soul Marques
William Harkleroad
William Harkleroad Prije mjesec
I hope Samsung keeps some of the new colors
Caren Maningo
Caren Maningo Prije mjesec
How can we get beta of Android 12? By the way I am using Umidigi A9 Pro.
Duster McClean
Duster McClean Prije mjesec
This is indeed a BIG visual change, what a coincidence! Wow man! Is this a commercial for the Bad Boys and techno tyrants? You literally ware an Illuminati logo! Why?
Mohammad Adnan
Mohammad Adnan Prije mjesec
Very precise, mature and comprehensive android 12 review.
Ram Nivas
Ram Nivas Prije mjesec
The latest news on Express VPN puts this video on bad light. But hey sponsors?!
Irsyad Azmi
Irsyad Azmi Prije mjesec
your shirts disturb me,are you illuminati?
mike ,jf
mike ,jf Prije mjesec
High Tech
High Tech Prije mjesec
How to be a part with massounist
Ludwig 234
Ludwig 234 Prije mjesec
4:23 that already exist in at least android 10. Open dev settings. Click on "Quick settings developer tiles.". Enable "Sensors off" Now you have "Sensors off" in the quick settings if not add it with the normal quick settings settings.
Graylance Ariente
Graylance Ariente Prije mjesec
The biggest android redesign is Android Jelly bean to kitkat you know that if you used android since Froyo Version.
SLE 297
SLE 297 Prije mjesec
Is the android files still locked?
NICK Nick Prije mjesec
Does anyone know when will android 12 be lanunched and will it be affordable for samsunng A72
Forth Prije 27 dana
soon, and it’s free
Nothingwasfound Prije mjesec
5:22 wonder where they got that idea from Apple: I wonder too
Mjgamingmj Prije mjesec
I have android 11 yesterday and i really want the android 12 bc 11 is kinda lag and i cant play codm
Walter Binns
Walter Binns Prije mjesec
Quick question, which android phone do you think is the best budget phone under $500?
Anand Joshua
Anand Joshua Prije mjesec
Some Miui vibe in there
Demian Sorin
Demian Sorin Prije mjesec
You really need to brag about your Illuminati membership ?
Thamsanqa Mncwabe
Thamsanqa Mncwabe Prije mjesec
Whenever he says "It takes some getting used to" I feel like it's Drake lyrics. 😄
Muhammad Shayan Nazeer
Muhammad Shayan Nazeer Prije mjesec
Now this is something you call "upgrade" Not like Apple !! 11-12-13 😂
Sithum Kottearachchi
Sithum Kottearachchi Prije mjesec
iOS left
sankalp kumar
sankalp kumar Prije mjesec
people of the universe here is where the fall of android started
Robert Vasquez
Robert Vasquez Prije mjesec
What's up with your shirt, dude
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