Tesla Model S PLAID Impressions: Re-Inventing the Wheel!

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Marques Brownlee

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PLAID Model S is stupid fast. And is better built than ever. But that yoke tho

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as as
as as Prije 56 minuta
They should have made it so the buttons have to be activated with a quick double tap. This would eliminate activating them when you slide your hand across and any accidental single touches.
Bobby Knight
Bobby Knight Prije sat
No thanks, I think I'll just keep my old rusted out 1991 Chevy Caprice. At least I know how to drive it.
giofyr Prije sat
What a boring interior , YAWN !
Omniverse Prije 2 sati
Just change function to "off" when wheel exceeds a certain number of degrees in a turn (say 60-90*).
Fionn MacCuill
Fionn MacCuill Prije 2 sati
For the price...the interior is not nice. I love the tech but man a mercedes S class is just so much more plush. For me they need to up their game in that regard.
Brian Driscoll
Brian Driscoll Prije 2 sati
Can you do a second video addressing pros and cons of Tesla model S refresh. I think there are a lot of people like myself thinking of switching from BMW or other luxury cars to Tesla but realize the >100K Tesla will be a compromise. For example: Are the lights really that bad? The IIHS rates them a poor, and Tesla did not upgrade them? What is handling like? Is not having apple car play a big deal? Many cars give a birds eye view while parking, Tesla does not. What is the noise in the cabin while driving? What is the pedestrian warning system. Some test show a Tesla will run over someone and a subaru or BMW will stop.Anyway, just something to think about> Thanks
Nivesh Proag
Nivesh Proag Prije 5 sati
The yoke thing, I havent checked but I'm 100% sure you'll be able to buy the top part of the wheel online and simply attach it there. The horn on the other hand...what were they thinking.
Manuel Prije 7 sati
Touch Blinkers, horn, Gear-Changer is a no-go
Navesh Kumar
Navesh Kumar Prije 8 sati
thanks marques - not buying this
nadergt1 Prije 10 sati
I think we were all waiting for the acceleration performance but ....
Marvin White
Marvin White Prije 11 sati
I enjoy your reviews! You have a great talent of communication. The very best to you.
Latif Harjanto
Latif Harjanto Prije 13 sati
Jonny Hitch
Jonny Hitch Prije 16 sati
That car Does Not have a MOTOR
Widdermaker Prije 16 sati
Excellent abridged review. I love everything about the new Model S’s and X’s EXCEPT THE YOKE!!! I have a 2016 Model S P100DL with perforated seats and free unlimited Supercharging (and an opening pano sunroof!). Only 51K miles. I think I’ll be keeping it for awhile. Unless Tesla offers a regular steering wheel. BTW - my 2016 Ludicrous Model S listed for $160,900 - $6K more than the new Plaid Model S. Luckily we had the $7,500 tax credit back then. Maybe we will again!
Brandon S
Brandon S Prije 18 sati
Elon basically making KITT
surinder singh
surinder singh Prije dan
Sooo,, how much you glt for this ad????🙏
Joe Madrio
Joe Madrio Prije dan
The new LUCID air is a lot better.
Random Kindness
Random Kindness Prije dan
does it mean that he is dailydriving a yoke-steeringwheel car today and has been for the past 3months(its almost Nov. for me)... ...but i think the yoke would have been nice if it was limited to a half-circle or 180 degrees, or maybe less .. then they add automated turning that increases the turn of the tires/tyres depending on the 'amount of angle' you move the yoke.
Spencer Bott
Spencer Bott Prije dan
I didn’t even consider how you would switch from drive to reverse etc. weird
Michael Toscano
Michael Toscano Prije dan
Keep it up bro, one of the best Tesla videos.
80Loke Prije dan
250kw full tank is about the ammount of power i use in my appartment over 3 month, in total.
Spooky Goon
Spooky Goon Prije dan
Telsa just gives apple vibes lmaooo
Mr7Sources Prije dan
yup lost 2 credit cards under that little slip
Ace of Kings
Ace of Kings Prije dan
Could u imagine hearing the term your whole life and finally someone does it? “Don’t re-invent the wheel” Idky but it’s funny to me 😂😂
Henrik Trolle
Henrik Trolle Prije dan
if oyu have to stere you self out off a slide is gonna be bull shit whet this
SuperZardo Prije dan
Haha, if your rear passengers are in need of money, just put some dollar bills on top of that carbon covering the middle tunnel. Surprise! Your passengers will love you!
Henrik Trolle
Henrik Trolle Prije dan
the stering whell is so ugly relly wow never seen is so ugly wtf happend to the botton off it its more ugly then audi 80s
Eldor Erkinov
Eldor Erkinov Prije dan
If the God didn't created Elon, We wouldn't live the way we live now! He's just terrific!
Octavio Moreno
Octavio Moreno Prije dan
TheBiggestCarl Prije dan
The steering wheel is such a terrible design choice, why would you ever change what billions of people are used to and never ever complained about? That's just ridiculous.
Rodrigue Zahr
Rodrigue Zahr Prije dan
Tesla needs an interior cabin designer.
Unknown Nobody
Unknown Nobody Prije 2 dana
Car is beautiful man the interior looks great for the amount you pay, that’s always been my downfall with my 3p
jason wisely
jason wisely Prije 2 dana
I love for the New Hand steering :)
Jon Barrand
Jon Barrand Prije 2 dana
When he gimme that look 👀
Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classique
Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classique Prije 2 dana
The interior looks so cheap.
Happy John
Happy John Prije 2 dana
Had my road test yesterday in a Model 3 and it turned out the examiner was a big EV fan who made fun of the steering wheel 😂😂 9:40:40 PM 10/21/2021
Michel Merheb
Michel Merheb Prije 2 dana
My dad took him 3 years to get used to Huawei after changing from Samsung. Imagine him driving a Tesla S from Mercedes 2012.
It’s me
It’s me Prije 2 dana
😂😂the yoke is a joke and there’s not enough space in the back seat
4Heed Indeed
4Heed Indeed Prije 2 dana
looks like an oversized F1 wheel lmao
No Name
No Name Prije 3 dana
What drug money can buy you…
glen cecil
glen cecil Prije 3 dana
Sad to see so many closed minded people not being able to appreciate the genius of the yoke steering.
Pavithra M G
Pavithra M G Prije 3 dana
5:29 and 15:41 for Elon / Tesla team to watch :):) great review
Midnite hauler-USAF combat vet
Midnite hauler-USAF combat vet Prije 3 dana
MB is my #1 go to for all things tech…wish I had $140k for this tech marvel of a machine….absolutely amazing that one can go 0-60 wrap speed in under 2 sec.. i remember when 0-60 in 6 sec was considered fast(yes I’m that old). .. great times we live in. MB ship ur Tesla to me here on Orlando Fl if u tire of it🤣.
saulDseer Prije 3 dana
Looks like a KIA optima with different headlights.
NoDate Prije 3 dana
Man shout out for showing you squeeze the seats.. that’s a small thing that most car guys can “read” that shows you boy attention to detailn
David H
David H Prije 3 dana
Review, review!
Logic Up
Logic Up Prije 3 dana
Ford made a similar mistake with the horn button back in the mid-1980's when they placed it on a stalk sticking out the right side of the wheel column. I remember my father said that the only way to honk the horn on his 1987 Ford Escort was to use one of your fingers on your right hand. Looks like the Tesla yoke horn placement suffers the same limitations. In contrast, you can activate the horn using any hand, fingers, either elbows, or even your head if you have to in a conventional set-up. Being that a horn is an emergency warning to other drivers, it must be able to be activated quickly in multiple ways. Tesla MUST put it back in the center of the wheel/yoke where it belongs forever more!
Graham Humphries
Graham Humphries Prije 3 dana
This guy has a 1 in 25 Tesla.. Jesus, mr moneybags
jetforcer84 Prije 3 dana
The most aerodynamic production car ever is the mercedes eqs.
Daryn Lowe
Daryn Lowe Prije 3 dana
Totally agree regarding the touch buttons, the worst thing for me is that's they're constantly moving targets, imagine taking a right or left hand bend and then having to quickly indicate to turn off or something, you'd be fumbling so much to get the indicator (or whatever you guys call it) that you'd probably miss the turn.
Pete Reilly
Pete Reilly Prije 3 dana
The yoke steering will fail. Auto companies have tried this many times going as far back as the 60's I believe with a resurgence in the 80's across multiple vehicles and they all failed. I see Telsa trying to push it for a while, but in the end history shows it will be discontinued.
Richie Junior
Richie Junior Prije 3 dana
Its like f1 steering wheel
TBusinessE Prije 4 dana
I feel not comfortable with this steering wheel tbh
Cesar Gonzalez
Cesar Gonzalez Prije 4 dana
I hate how everyone hates on the stearing wheel, i love it, and i dont really care about the shape is beautiful
Gengar Phantom
Gengar Phantom Prije 4 dana
this car is a no buy with that ridiculous yoke wheel.
Nekolagu Prije 4 dana
And there is no other option for a steering wheel by tesla? You need to get that piece of futuristic crap?
Shoji Takashima
Shoji Takashima Prije 4 dana
Should have learned from macbooks touchbar. worst idea ever. Always accidentally brushing the back button when typing numbers.
They done goofed
XATECK Prije 4 dana
Imagine Touch ID on the grip of the conductor door to unlock the car !
Varun choudary J
Varun choudary J Prije 4 dana
It's better than a super car
Neo Andrigos
Neo Andrigos Prije 4 dana
reinvent the wheel lol
svnbit Prije 4 dana
Wow that steering is a mess. I guess they don't want you driving
Litsupreme Prije 4 dana
You’re handsome 😈
Denizhan Baytug
Denizhan Baytug Prije 5 dana
Cant get past the steering wheel. It's not for perfomance cornering.
Andre P
Andre P Prije 5 dana
The model 3 steering wheel is… Perfect
Ahmed Kamel
Ahmed Kamel Prije 5 dana
I love your reviews, I’m a big fan. However, i disagree that Tesla is apex. To pick my daily driver I rented different cars for a few weeks at a time. Drove every Tesla, but finally decided on Porsche Taycan. As overall luxury, performance, ride comfort and handling, it’s the best car in the market. It’s not about acceleration numbers alone. I’ve had my Taycan for a month now Alhamdulilah, and it’s just amazing and I don’t have to deal with the Yoke steering wheel that in my opinion will go the way of curved TV screens.
Rio Budhijaya
Rio Budhijaya Prije 5 dana
the yoke and those touch buttons are definitely bad decisions.
crni_tekac Prije 5 dana
This car is available in about a year in my country and it will cost 140.000 Euros with stock features, which in my country is a decent house at the countryside and a small flat in the main city, so yeahhh ima have to pass Elon!
Rhine River Surf
Rhine River Surf Prije 5 dana
That white interior is so ugly
5:20 officer: can i check for some dr**s?.... *slides it into the secret tunnel*,,, yeah sure sir
Damien Frost
Damien Frost Prije 5 dana
We are dinosaurs driving our fossil fuel cars with steering wheels. Bring on the Yoke.
Tony Herrera
Tony Herrera Prije 5 dana
Respect for clicking on K.R.I.T 👍🏻
Jason Bodenheimer
Jason Bodenheimer Prije 5 dana
I always appreciate your clear, balanced reviews, MB. You are so thoughtful and well spoken. If I ever had the balls to create a HRpost channel reviewing the tech that's part of my daily handle, I will spend a serious amount of time reviewing all the fantastic parts of how well your channel works. Truly enjoy watching your videos! Can't wait for my CyberTruck!
matthew King
matthew King Prije 5 dana
The yoke sucks
jhl jhl
jhl jhl Prije 5 dana
Somebody getting money
Daniel Ortego
Daniel Ortego Prije 5 dana
Another great review so thanks for posting! Consideration for a departure from a wheel has been discussed since drive-by-wire was introduced. I wish I could find the source, but there’s been talk of introducing a joystick similar to what you see in some newer aircraft. So yes, designers have ‘presumably‘ toyed with how to implement left and right-hand (dual stick) modes. The only drawback that I found in this omitted video assessment is the costs.
Nimz Gasbi
Nimz Gasbi Prije 5 dana
The logo is chrome to stand out against the black… Dough! jeez
Monkey Journey
Monkey Journey Prije 5 dana
Drooling all over this. Switch from Y to S Plaid?
Ali Ebadi
Ali Ebadi Prije 5 dana
Ok here’s the deal. It’s awesome but I will buy toyota
Tim Mahajan
Tim Mahajan Prije 6 dana
My one qualm with this car, besides the steering 'wheel,' is that it's poorly made in a sense of quality. The paint is cheap and cracks easily, synthetic leather, and cheap rubber. I'd get this car for the engine hands down, but it isn't designed like a true luxury car, which it should be at that price point. I'd take the e-tron GT over this anyday. I'll have to wait and see the EQS 580.
Beinjar Prije 6 dana
The way you put the car in reverse / drive sucks. The steering wheel sucks too Otherwise other things are on point
vitor gouveia
vitor gouveia Prije 6 dana
I'm wondering if the yoke will be allowed in Europe...on account of EU safety concerns!!!? Maybe Tesla Will have to do a model with a Sterling wheel for EU market.
Damien Blackmore
Damien Blackmore Prije 6 dana
Yep... So they fine you for using a phone whilst driving, but these Tesla's a jam packed with screens, distracting controls and pin point position buttons that would require you to look at them for at least the first couple days of driving it... The satnav interface is fine, but why wouldn't you just have stalks, front horn, and a dial on the center console to change gears? It's what we've been doing since cars were invented.
Raymond Baxter
Raymond Baxter Prije 6 dana
nah bruh that steering wheel is a joke
Jeevan Prasad R
Jeevan Prasad R Prije 6 dana
Show the car around! Show the vehicle! Looks like you have transitioned to a talk show
Harper Row
Harper Row Prije 6 dana
When he pulled the center cup holders back and revealed the bottom compartment I immediately thought perfect spot to put my CW.
Sebi Gordan
Sebi Gordan Prije 6 dana
I'm to old for this shit...
Yawijaya Prije 6 dana
5:12 He solve the bug with the feature, what a legend
Guisebox Ent.
Guisebox Ent. Prije 6 dana
stupid fast and stupidly design. Good day.
Jo Hoffman
Jo Hoffman Prije 6 dana
Marques, we are just wondering if you are used to the yoke and what your thoughts are after driving it for a bit?
Dont Prije 6 dana
6k people thought reinventing the wheel would somehow be good this time
Chris Graham
Chris Graham Prije 6 dana
Car looks great, don’t know about the steering wheel - half wheel I mean.
Julien Nakache
Julien Nakache Prije 6 dana
The yoke is the new MacBook Pro touch bar
Anthony Omara
Anthony Omara Prije 7 dana
I find it a bit complicated, I prefer to just get into the car and start driving straight away. Too many options to choose from, it must be much more simple !!
Hamza Ikram
Hamza Ikram Prije 7 dana
I really enjoyed the video and didnt even skip once because its soo relaxing to watch as there is no annoying music....
Bcash Jung
Bcash Jung Prije 7 dana
Almost perfect car…but Touch Horn, and Swipe Gear killed it for me.
Talene Sitoe
Talene Sitoe Prije 7 dana
I usualy like eletric cars,im also an elon fan but i think i would go with taycan
Aby Prije 7 dana
nobody wants to drive an i phone, thus is why tesla is so unpopular and nobody is buying these cars no matter how cheap you can find them on the used market
Ted Moss
Ted Moss Prije 7 dana
Yes, but you didn't drive it underwater.
r2facts Prije 7 dana
It’s all fun and games until Lucid stomps a foot on Tesla.. it’s coming, oh is is coming
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