iPadOS 15 Review: Dropped Expectations!

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Marques Brownlee

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iPadOS 15 is coming to an iPad near you. Not just the iPad Pro. Any iPad.

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Mohamad Sultan
Mohamad Sultan Prije dan
Still waiting for a calculator app.
Hairo Prije dan
6:39 how do I get row numbers on ipad keyboard?
Richie Rich
Richie Rich Prije dan
The key word is ipad "PRO" why M1 processor, "for what" to make it more expensive. Oh, Oh, Wait, I know it's a Defective M1 pro chip it can't do much But it is an M1 chip None the less So you can call it still an M1 processeor and the Fame that comes with M1. Naaaa..... I had my hopes it would have been something a lot closer to a laptop I would have had more use for it and maybe change my hole system to apply Ecosystem. So no I won't. Thank you.
Gibraltar Prije 2 dana
brian Walters
brian Walters Prije 2 dana
When Ipads become laptop replacements APPLE will create a new category called MACPAD - you heard it here first folks!
Alex Prije 3 dana
Comparison is the thief of joy. Wasn’t that the real line from Roosevelt or something….
Xavier Russell
Xavier Russell Prije 5 dana
…are y’all really upset all because of final cut pro?
Trinity Prije 5 dana
Ipad 15 is hella op and good but my problem is the apps keep crashing including youtube and safari and every loads sooo sloooow *(this is my experience in this update)*
Zycho Prije 5 dana
Steve Jobs didnt give a shit about cannibalizing products. We'd still be having iPods with WIFI if the financial bozo's were in charge.
Paniekzaaier Prije 9 dana
I wish they removed the app library or at least gave us an option to disable it. It is organized in exactly the opposite way of what I would consider usable
Jagdish Zagade
Jagdish Zagade Prije 10 dana
have you ever tried to use excel with formulas and simple options formatting? I bet you will cry for sure, its too tough on ipad
Joshua Park
Joshua Park Prije 11 dana
Apple please 😭 ill pay an extra $500 if you just let this ipad be my laptop replacement. I just want a laptop with touchscreen
Barbie Mas
Barbie Mas Prije 11 dana
Mohit Prije 12 dana
I am wondering what is the current photo and video editing apps missing on the iPad that creators aren't switching.
Howard Davidson
Howard Davidson Prije 14 dana
The first page of my iPad Pro 2020 looks like something our of the ark now.. We can now only have four rows of icon instead or five.Not that it’s that important put looks kinda dated .The only thing I find very useful is being able to copy and paste text in photos.Otherwise in day to day use I wouldn’t really notice any difference.Other than my battery life is now like my old iPad Pro 2018 which suffered at the hands of a large update from Apple.and is now dreadful.I might as well leave it permanently on charge.This time I will not be fooled.I will Waite for the Samsung Tab S8:.Your reviews are guardedly critical of Apple.
DJ Kavish Live
DJ Kavish Live Prije 14 dana
Even I am struggling to have a day without a laptop and just use iPad, but but but no you can’t! If the company also makes computer then Microsoft also is the company who makes Laptop and Surface Laptop then why can’t apple have Mac OS on iPad now? Just because they want to make money from both the products.
ZECT צורי
ZECT צורי Prije 12 dana
Companies always aimed for profit... reality, right?
DJ Kavish Live
DJ Kavish Live Prije 14 dana
Has anyone having issues with Notes app crashing on MacBook and iPad almost all the times?
DJ Kavish Live
DJ Kavish Live Prije 14 dana
I would like mention - now the search in files apps remains even if you enters the folder and come back to search.
DJ Kavish Live
DJ Kavish Live Prije 14 dana
This is the best video to know the new features of iPadOS 15. Thank you MKBHD for always coming up with the review/features videos and showing us how each new feature works!
H.R Angelofdeath
H.R Angelofdeath Prije 14 dana
Ipad os 14.8 is very better
Mark Prije 15 dana
We’ll the next time you’re chatting to the execs at Apple why not ask them the direct question. What is your plan for iPad and Proffesional apps!!
glassmw Prije 15 dana
I mean…I’ve used my iPad full time since probably around 2016ish. I’m 2 years into a masters degree almost exclusively using my iPad. Not too shabby. Now, admittedly, I don’t have to produce videos or audio content, but besides that I can do anything and everything I need to. I have made video and audio content in the past. And I do agree, it would be nice to use Apple’s native video/audio software on iPad, Final Cut and Logic Pro. I sold my MacBook earlier this year and doubt I’ll get another.
Kalyn C.
Kalyn C. Prije 16 dana
Why would Apple make an IPad that could compete with a MacBoook? When you can just buy a MacBook. Smart😐😀😷
ZECT צורי
ZECT צורי Prije 12 dana
iPad pro got macbook power but the OS isn't as flexible as MacOS
Saiyan Raoh
Saiyan Raoh Prije 16 dana
What's the intro track to this video? The like he gives in the description is not what's playing. Thanks!
Victor Martino
Victor Martino Prije 17 dana
Also, mouse support is still SO BAD! scrolling with a mouse is really bad, seriously, Apple could have done a better job to make iPadOS compatible with existing devices.
Victor Martino
Victor Martino Prije 17 dana
we need better keyboard shortcuts, an actual full version of Microsoft Office (their iOS apps are a joke).
Armando & Sabrina Aguilar
Armando & Sabrina Aguilar Prije 17 dana
I know you’re unlikely to see this or even care, but I think apple is in the process of getting the iPad in a place where it can replace laptops, by motivating developers to create apps that are made specifically for the M series chips. So, a developer builds/updates their app to have mac functionality, but in the process, rebuilds or builds new apps that also work on the iPad.
Dewantoroo Prije 19 dana
Ngl i hate the dots. I use Autodesk sketchbook for drawing and that dot really on the way... And i always slide off the notification bar from the center, it end up open the split app option. I need to get used to it.. but for now it's annoying as hell
Camilo Rayo
Camilo Rayo Prije 19 dana
Champ, love your stuff. I have an iPad 3, so not running anything post ios7-ish on it. I do have two iPhone 12 mini's, The "App Drawer" you mentioned is in ios14 for the iPhone as well. Was it not in iPad OS 14? I noticed you mentioned it as a ios15 upgrade (3:13).
Ethen Jordan
Ethen Jordan Prije 19 dana
They call it a "pro" but dont let it be a "pro" its just got 120hz... cool. since it cant use its power, whats the point
ZECT צורי
ZECT צורי Prije 12 dana
Benefit in some editing apps such as export time and stuff, and gaming... At least you can see that Homepage animations smoother.
Chuyi Prije 19 dana
I believe there will be eventually an iPad that can replace a MacBook
ZECT צורי
ZECT צורי Prije 12 dana
Nope, they will lose profit on their laptop market... Macbooks are the reason Apple is popular in the first place.
Khaleo Jazmin
Khaleo Jazmin Prije 20 dana
I upload this already
chloe bernice
chloe bernice Prije 21 dan
I always use notes for school
Ra Prije 21 dan
Ipad Os will never beat Mac OS. It is Apple marketing. Stop dreaming. 😆
Mirjana Prije 21 dan
Did this new software draws battery life?
ZECT צורי
ZECT צורי Prije 12 dana
R C Prije 21 dan
"Top of the ... FOOD CHAIN !!!" 😁
Matteo Crema
Matteo Crema Prije 22 dana
Edit video or photos on external drives... for Christ's sake!
Kim Jong- Un
Kim Jong- Un Prije 22 dana
*How cool is that **7:26*
Sunny Lyndis
Sunny Lyndis Prije 23 dana
I don't understand why there still isn't a weather and calculator app. wtf.
Nesly Leonvil
Nesly Leonvil Prije 23 dana
You look just as disappointed as myself when iPod os15 came out.
Shubh Trivedi
Shubh Trivedi Prije 24 dana
This ad is nasty dawg
andar ginting
andar ginting Prije 24 dana
I I find the widgets are still not that useful. Still way behind than android ones which are scrollable, like emails, calendar, etc…..
rvenden Prije 24 dana
Hi Marques - Love your commentary and analysis. You are one thoughtful guy. That said, I don't understand the obsession with making the iPad into a Mac replacement . Why do you want that? We do have Macs, so why build different versions or derivatives of them? Please help me understand. Thanks very much. Roger in Wisconsin
Xiang Ji
Xiang Ji Prije 24 dana
They do cannibalize their own products, because if they don't, somebody else will. They just don't think it's time yet for iPad and Mac to merge together.
Abhishek Bhandare
Abhishek Bhandare Prije 25 dana
That wall clock is beautiful.
Michael Lawrence
Michael Lawrence Prije 25 dana
I think they are probably waiting until the m-series chips are available across all ipads to allow full sized apps on ipad os
Carol Kotcheck
Carol Kotcheck Prije 25 dana
Thank you so much, I watched this before changing over, one of the little things I wanted changed was pip being able to get bigger instead of its limited size now. I’m sure that hasn’t changed. Anyway, great, comprehensive video that answered everything I wanted to know, and from a personable , cool guy!
zongyuan Liu
zongyuan Liu Prije 25 dana
Feel same, it looks like Apple is still waiting for something to make ipads a real desktop level of OS
Chinmay Prije 25 dana
Expecting final cut pro on ipad.. . . . . . . Forget it Can’t even make a simple calculator for ipad… don’t know how long it’s gonna take for apple 😩😩 It’s very annoying that even after spending a thousand bucks, I have to take my mobile out everytime for some calculations.. 😤😤
dean2663 Prije 26 dana
IPadOS is not the same! Where is the bookmarks icon in Safari???
Gaming God EJ
Gaming God EJ Prije 26 dana
HOW COOL IS THAT??!!! 😹😂🤨😏
Maria Pena
Maria Pena Prije 26 dana
Could not have said this any better myself. I completely agree with this assessment.
R. P.
R. P. Prije 27 dana
This thing can't even run on an external monitor as expanded desktop. Only 4:3 mirroring. This is a Joke, not Pro.
Twenties Prije 28 dana
iPad ❤️
Wycliff Studios
Wycliff Studios Prije 28 dana
Why can't we get Final Cut pro on the iPads
Black Baron
Black Baron Prije 28 dana
☠️BLACK BARON☠️ Where is the standard calculator and weather app?
TR Hall
TR Hall Prije 28 dana
Roosevelt Honaker
Roosevelt Honaker Prije 28 dana
Are you advertising for BeastBurger???????????
Sarvente but I changed my account
Sarvente but I changed my account Prije 28 dana
I only have the original iPad
Bikon DaDon
Bikon DaDon Prije 28 dana
iPad updates are always one big disappointment! Hidden features are the only new things…
Dan Freedom
Dan Freedom Prije 29 dana
screw it ! ! ! I spent years just rearranging and adjusting app icons to perfectly fit my aesthetic layout. ipadOS 14 have 6 icons in a row both in portrait and landscape mode. But iPadOS 15 have 5 icons in portrait, 6 icons in landscape, even worse, have 4 icons with widgets ! everything is ruined ! screw the widgets! it doesn‘t do any good with my OCD.
dlarun Prije 29 dana
4:07 ahh yes, NICE
Samar Sharma
Samar Sharma Prije 29 dana
Wow nice
Makeera Salim
Makeera Salim Prije 29 dana
That’s why people with lower iPad versions get the better expectations 😹
Uditanshu Kamal
Uditanshu Kamal Prije 29 dana
How tf they still didn't add a calculator and weather app bruh
Davis Bentancur
Davis Bentancur Prije mjesec
Why am I watching this? I don own an iPad 😆 I wish I did, though
G-Misc 59
G-Misc 59 Prije mjesec
LOL...while Apple has us chasing their "carrot" their hand remains in your pocket...not mine...refuse to be manipulated...your mileage may vary...enjoy.
Jedd Simon
Jedd Simon Prije mjesec
Ive got a macbook pro and an iPhone but something really feels missing thats why im actually considering to get an air 4 or the iPad 9
JhurtadoOo Prije mjesec
It’s been really difficult organizing the new home screen after the update
Jerry L
Jerry L Prije 29 dana
I agree I hate the new home screen
Don’t disturb libra
Don’t disturb libra Prije mjesec
I updated my iPad yesterday to 15.0 so I watched this video
Shaner The Grey
Shaner The Grey Prije mjesec
I miss iPadOS 14 home screen
starsk13 Prije mjesec
Soon they will release a “make it simple fonction” as iOS is becoming more and more complicated… “usine à gaz “ we say in french…
Xianto Smith
Xianto Smith Prije mjesec
you are right, weather app needed for iPad :D
mukeshayur Prije mjesec
android had almost all these features years back , now apple fans are WOW..... Lol
O.tom19 Prije mjesec
But what happened to the today view, i cannot find it at all
Cle B.
Cle B. Prije mjesec
Ipad pro is just good for my 2 year old watching Peppa pig.
Compulsive Buy
Compulsive Buy Prije mjesec
Marques, I want to know what you think of the new Surface Laptop Studio
FelixFortuna Prije mjesec
Hopefully apple will bring the full Xcode to iPadOS in the future
Von Kryza
Von Kryza Prije mjesec
Let's trade your ipad m1 for my ipad 6th generation and then let's see if you want any of the shit you are expecting.
Carlos Vega
Carlos Vega Prije mjesec
The biggest problem is developers like Google not allowing me to have 2 instances of the same app opened at once. What’s the point of using Google Docs if I can’t open 2 of them on my screen?
GC Wieser
GC Wieser Prije mjesec
You know who loves a good weather app? Microsoft, surprisingly.
Son M
Son M Prije mjesec
I downloaded iOS 15 fast, expecting it to be good…. Damn wish I didn’t for iPad.
Leonardo Fornari
Leonardo Fornari Prije mjesec
I wish that I could disable app library.
Chris L.
Chris L. Prije mjesec
Just upgraded to IPadOS15 my IPad Pro 12.9"... I f*** hate the new home screen, it's awful
👨🏻‍💻 Prije mjesec
There's no clock app either on the iPad, like WTF. Went to set my alarm and no where to be found. What the literal F Apple?!
👨🏻‍💻 Prije mjesec
I'm so sick of the Apple prison, give us more flexibility with software to do what we want!
Call Me Alayna
Call Me Alayna Prije mjesec
I have the iPad 6th generation
Adil Jamal
Adil Jamal Prije mjesec
Being someone who’s been looking forward to this update on my iPad Air 2, I’m glad it doesn’t have too much power functionality and just adds stuff like widgets and better multitasking experiences
Adil Jamal
Adil Jamal Prije mjesec
@sourskittlez_97 It surely isn’t 😅. The iPad Air 2 was released back in 2014, so naturally it would struggle to keep up with fancy stuff. That’s why I said I’d be happier if they add the widgets and focus mode stuff etc. while not trying to leverage the higher capabilities of the iPad Pro, because that would be detrimental to people who use older iPads, like me 😄.
sourskittlez_97 Prije mjesec
...is this sarcasm? I can’t tell.
ur mom
ur mom Prije mjesec
whos here after the ipados 15 came out ?
Rob Oo
Rob Oo Prije mjesec
My iPad became 3% to 11% slower after upgrading to iPadOS 15 (from 14). Geekbench 5 scores are 11% slower on single core, 7% on multicore and 3% on Compute. Anyone else?? planned obsolescence from Apple??
Paul Rice
Paul Rice Prije mjesec
Where did the time and date go that was at the top left of the Home Screen in iPad OS 14? Now missing in iPad OS 15.
LizzieOktambe Prije mjesec
I honestly think that the expectations are going to be met but... If apple makes those updates right now, the only devices that would be able to get it are the M1 devices. What it means is that, for example, an ipad pro from 2020 or even 2018 won't be able to run all of those amazing things that users are expecting and if we know one thing about Apple, it is that it prides itself in having devices that are still bested only by their own younger siblings years in the future. That's why I think they didn't do it (yet), even if they probably could for M1 ipad. They will do it in a year or two though, so those devices can run the update as well when we have an M2 or M3 chip already in place.
Richgerald Garrido
Richgerald Garrido Prije mjesec
Apple is tricky. To make it appear like its loading pages faster, it slows down scrolling through pages. They photos on their apple event looks so clear but not really so good IRL. Most iPhone or iPad users won’t really know until they use android. Photos are unrealistic and the quality is just bad. Apple is good for productivity but now for fun. I bet the cinematic feature is just a fancy name of controlling depth but overall quality is still bad. We’ll see.
Lillyxoxo Greaves
Lillyxoxo Greaves Prije mjesec
Wow, I’m super excited!
Airbrushkid Prije mjesec
I like to be able to remove a lot of things from the iPad Pro 12.9 M1. Strip it down to almost nothing.
Lizzy McD
Lizzy McD Prije mjesec
Nd Studio
Nd Studio Prije mjesec
ipad os 16.. we now have weather app. How cool is that?
Ashish S
Ashish S Prije mjesec
It’s almost 2022 and no WhatsApp on iPad so sad!!!!
Dando Prije mjesec
I think the IPad is great for looking at photos and watching videos, including HRpost and I’m sure the iPad Pro 12.9 must be amazing for web browsing and watching movies with the stereo speakers.. IPad is a great product.. something you could only have dreamed of as a kid… I remember those small headrest monitors on car journeys.. That iPad would be a dream cinema screen 📺 😊
FerdyLA Prije mjesec
I’m just thinking out loud. Couldn’t Apple release FCPX in the near future (say, March 2022) on the App Store without any iOS update? Didn’t iOS 15 allows more RAM per app instead of the 4GB per app in prior iOS? It doesn’t have to be with an iOS update right? FCPX is just another App Store app isn’t it?
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