Sony Xperia 1 III: The Ultimate Enthusiast Phone!

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Marques Brownlee

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Sony's newest phone is both the most impressive and the most niche phone they've ever made.

Why people don't use Sony phones:

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Phone provided by Sony for review.


Mohammad Ali Tipu
Mohammad Ali Tipu Prije 22 sati
I like the slim bezels on the top & bottom.
t v
t v Prije dan
idc how much he says make the sexiest phones.
TiaOfJordan Prije dan
Though I love sony so much but the battery is a no for me
Regenarc Canis
Regenarc Canis Prije dan
I want the Sony Experia Ace 2 🔥
wkz1234 Prije 2 dana
Just bought a Xperia 1 mark I as a spare phone and I must say the screen is incredible. Although you might not be able to see the difference instantly. But whenever you switch phone, you will see the difference and appreciate it's 4k resolution
Pixels Prije 6 sati
Maybe Marques is getting old, I remember him saying "you won't notice a difference going from 1440p to 1080p"
Inner Peace is Overrated
Inner Peace is Overrated Prije 2 dana
very nice, now we just need removable battery and CLOCK AT THE RIGHT SIDE BeCAuSE ITS SO DuMB.. dont ignore the not-rounded screen, so awesome.. I IDENTIFY AS SQUARE! and 0:49 dont worry, i dont got friends Nice video and have a nice day everyone!
Inner Peace is Overrated
Inner Peace is Overrated Prije 2 dana
10:52 old COD map
Dullahan Prije 2 dana
Sony's cam game is still top dog.
Toyota Hilux
Toyota Hilux Prije 2 dana
This is truly an anti apple phone
Abhay Mhatre
Abhay Mhatre Prije 3 dana
Headphone jack is something which shouldn't be an enthusiast feature . It should be in every phone
Németh Martin
Németh Martin Prije 4 dana
Most probably piezo actuated camera lenses.
jinbei49 Prije 4 dana
I need MI MAX 4.. the only phone that can replace my MI MAX 3.
Need 4Speed
Need 4Speed Prije 4 dana
He's right, it's an enthusiasts phone ....but what about an iPhone ? A fool's phone ?? Same design for the last 4-5 years ...yet best phone ever according to MKBHD
Pixels Prije 2 dana
This isn't an enthusiasts phone, it's just Marques trying to put it down.
Patrik Egei
Patrik Egei Prije 3 dana
Why change design if it works? Xperia 5 has same design now three years in a row.
Lazy Prije 4 dana
should I buy this or pixel 6pro ???!! 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨
Pixels Prije 2 dana
Depends. Do you want better hardware or better software?
Sinister Sweet
Sinister Sweet Prije 4 dana
I think we're all forgetting something important. How long is this going to get updates for?
Almer Bremer
Almer Bremer Prije 4 dana
Three to four years knowing Sony. Perhaps five.
Technological Penguin
Technological Penguin Prije 4 dana
The reason you can turn off 120Hz is because when 120Hz is active it switches to 1440p and is only 4K when you’re at 60Hz
Technological Penguin
Technological Penguin Prije 4 dana
Oh ok
Anti-Sheeple Prije 4 dana
@Technological Penguin Yes it can I have the phone and have tested it.. That was just a false rumor from GSMArena, which Sony later corrected them on.
Technological Penguin
Technological Penguin Prije 4 dana
No it cannot!!!😠
Anti-Sheeple Prije 4 dana
The phone can run 4K (1644x3840) and 120Hz simultaneously.
Ben And TL
Ben And TL Prije 4 dana
Samsung: * does a show where they spend a ton of time talking about their matte black phone * Other companies: "Ok, boys! Time to release our phones with a color that's practically (if not completely) identical to Samsung's!" matte black
Pixels Prije 2 dana
Check out the Xperia Z5 from 2015
Amir Prije 4 dana
Han Hans
Han Hans Prije 5 dana
4k screen permanently enabled consume more battery power. no disabling 4k means no battery power saving.
Pixels Prije 5 dana
It automatically switches to 2K when no 4K content is available
t2 spinecho
t2 spinecho Prije 5 dana
I know someone already asked this but what carrier will carry this phone in the US?
Fapping Foopa
Fapping Foopa Prije 5 dana
Damn bruh. You say "Enthusiast" like MxRMods used to say "immersive" lmao 😆
The Fizzlee NL
The Fizzlee NL Prije 6 dana
Agree with the autorotate, my 5ii has the same issue lol really annoying, don't fully agree with the camera tho, yes it can get noisy sometimes which is a shame but the colors are much more natural, imo better than Samsung which put to much fake filters over it, I'm not saying it's game changing or by far the best out there but it does give nice natural and neutral colors
the magic conch
the magic conch Prije 6 dana
did they fix the issue with the screen rotate
Pixels Prije 6 dana
Simon V
Simon V Prije 7 dana
Soo. For you out there that haven't owned a Sony phone. Let me tell you a bit here that these (short term) tests do not reveal. I had multiple Sony phones, last one being the XZ3. I decided to then try a Samsung S20+. While the Samsungs are nice, there are just quite a few things Sony does a lot better: 1) The adaptive brightness on Samsung straight out sucks compared to the Sony phones. Annoys me how often I have to manually adjust it. And yes, this is with no screen protector covering the sensor. 2) The camera settings on the Samsung lacks the option to scale down the quality of the pictures you take. If you like me just want to save your pictures in 4 or 6MP instead of a crazy resolution that takes up all your space - no option for that. I find that extremely annoying. 3) The fingerprint reader on the back of the XZ3 was an extremely nice feature. Once you get used to it, it is extremely hard to go back to anything else. The facial recognition on the S20+ never did it for me.. 4) Overall, you can just tell that Sony put a lot more effort into customizing their software. It has a lot of options of tweaking stuff to your liking that Samsung doesn't offer. 5) Sony phones has a smart charging feature that will detect your usual battery charging pattern and will stop the charging at around 80%, only to charge the remaining final 20% right before you usually disconnect it, say early in the morning. This ensures you do not damage the battery or shorten the life of it. For me, what got me buying a Samsung was the ease of being able to repair it almost anywhere in the world. I was traveling outside Europe and broke my screen on the XZ3 - was impossible to find a place to get it repaired and had to send it back by DHL.
Arcitek Prije 7 dana
Intro track is Warimba by 20syl
Abhijeet Upadhye
Abhijeet Upadhye Prije 7 dana
Crap all Sony phones are smaller in width
Jerry Eisner
Jerry Eisner Prije 7 dana
Hi Marques! Great review. question: please let me know if you can comment on the quality of the stabilization on the Sony cameras on this phone. Is their Stabilizing system as good as Apple's? Also, you described other Sony cameras that you have used and were not so enthusiastic about the color the noise, the sharpness. But the pictures you showed were much better than you realized in my opinion. I was looking at the center of the photos you showed of your larger camera on a tripod and it looked perfect. Obviously the whole photo can't be perfectly sharp edge to edge in most cases due to the lens position. But that is not the camera's fault if depth of field is too shallow and if there is flare or some other user factor going on. Please react if you can. And I'm anything but a Sony Fan Boy. I don't usually understand their menus etc. and have put off buying most of their gear for years.
Adrian Peres
Adrian Peres Prije 8 dana
I had a Sony flagship, it was crap, no more Sony.
Sankalpa Madhawa
Sankalpa Madhawa Prije 8 dana
8:24 I guess its because of the 4k. System requires time to calculate the ppi Sony might fix that in future updates. Fingers crossed 🤞
gilbs72 Prije 8 dana
An enthusiast would want a phone focused on specific aspects, e.g. pro-photography (cybershot), hi-res audio (walkman), video (Sony pro-video cams), etc. How else can any phone be called "enthusiast" without a focus.... unless you mean a Sony enthusiast?
Tazz Singh
Tazz Singh Prije 8 dana
Sony mobile is good Sony don't have watch Sony should release new watch
ur-mo-fker Prije 9 dana
uh man I need help, If any American has bought this phone, can you please let me know by replying this
ur-mo-fker Prije 6 dana
@Pixels well, there is an offer for codm with that phone for us residence, if you don play codm its useless for you, you can help me : )
IIONNICC Prije 9 dana
I'm into not having a hole punch / notch on my front screen and a headphone jack.
Sultan Shahjalal
Sultan Shahjalal Prije 9 dana
I feel like the placement of the head phone jack being on the opposite side of the changing port was a poor choice. Because now you have to keep your phone upright in your pocket will using wired buds. That will lead to the charging port being vulnerable to pesky lint attacks
Geran Simpson
Geran Simpson Prije 9 dana
Minolta used the horizontal zooming lenses in some of their compact cameras in the early 2000s. It worked very well but was very expensive to produce so they stopped
Isaac Mendez
Isaac Mendez Prije 10 dana
The best feature of this phone is the notification LED....!
Pixels Prije 10 dana
My Xperia XZ Premium still works well after 4 years. Battery capacity is still at 92% which is unheard of in the mobile industry. Just bought the Xperia 1 III to upgrade and its amazing. Definitely not just for enthusiast and there's no issues with it, including the auto rotate.
yasha Medvedev
yasha Medvedev Prije 10 dana
Man said he feels like Doug Demurro
Arnav Raj
Arnav Raj Prije 11 dana
Come on they make Headphones speakers TVs camera ps5s and what not they gonna do it
Arnav Raj
Arnav Raj Prije 11 dana
I say it sony mark iii Explaining 3rd gen for the best sony phone the #1
fergyfilms Prije 11 dana
This phone is beautiful. There's like 5 small issues that if they fixed, this would be the literal perfect phone.
Anthony G
Anthony G Prije 11 dana
If you could reduce the screen resolution to get a decent amount of battery life this would literally be the perfect phone 😩
Anti-Sheeple Prije 4 dana
It runs at 1080p automatically when outside of media apps.
Mallu Tips
Mallu Tips Prije 11 dana
What about price
Uzair Sayed
Uzair Sayed Prije 12 dana
Ultimate drinking game. Take a shot every time he says enthusiast 🥃
SlightlyWetFart Prije 12 dana
Sony's Contract: You may do a review of our phone as long as you cram the word, "enthusiast" into your video at least 500 times.
Subhadeep Dey
Subhadeep Dey Prije 12 dana
Periscope style camera zoom is actually a good setup, rather than having multiple lens with multiple sensors.
R V Prije 12 dana
How Big is it ?
Anti-Sheeple Prije 4 dana
Djibril ibro ibrahim
Djibril ibro ibrahim Prije 12 dana
bt the wonder thing is my phone is the exact one u r showing in the video.. so why mine is named j9110? maybe is that the pblm?
Djibril ibro ibrahim
Djibril ibro ibrahim Prije 12 dana
hi mark.. hw can i swith on my sony j9110. i shut it down and 2 days later i tried to switch it on, i can't? what should i do bro? need a help badly😢😞😣
John Sierchio
John Sierchio Prije 12 dana
Very helpful thank you
Sean logie
Sean logie Prije 12 dana
Why the sarcasm Marques ,Am I missing something here?
Prije 13 dana
Why don't they do ads?
Thanos Etsitty
Thanos Etsitty Prije 13 dana
I want this to be my next phone because of the camera. I heard it has the best camera out of all the phones. 🤷🏽‍♂️
peter lawrence
peter lawrence Prije 14 dana
Sony make such shite phones that when they break and you send it back to the Sony factory not even they can fix it, as the saying goes ' Sony don't make phones ,they make televisions ' also overpriced games consoles that overheat. If you buy Sony make sure you've got a set of electrical screwdrivers and a soldering iron - good luck
Dogeboii.i Prije 14 dana
my dream phoneeeeee
Spike Bane
Spike Bane Prije 14 dana
Have they fixed the screen rotation yet
Róbert Sás
Róbert Sás Prije 14 dana
Sony will outlast any other smartphone
Avirup Mukherjee
Avirup Mukherjee Prije 14 dana
Marques at every nuances: “But that’s fine. It’s an enthusiast phone” 😂
Bihariji vandana
Bihariji vandana Prije 15 dana
Hehe Boi! That camera.
lau266 Prije 15 dana
My phone rotates perfectly
Jay Dev
Jay Dev Prije 15 dana
"Enthusiast phone" huh! Yaa ofcourse man. Its sony. What do you expect?
Mishko Kobayagi
Mishko Kobayagi Prije 16 dana
is this guy enthusiast, such a confusing video, luckily not subscribed to this channel
Ezout Prije 17 dana
I think it has potential if Sony makes it a bit wider and lessen the height. It looks pretty neat and camera sounds awesome 👌🏽
Xavier George
Xavier George Prije 17 dana
Luv the display 💀
Vasudevan Venkataraman
Vasudevan Venkataraman Prije 17 dana
2:07 a feature that you don't see in many phones ;)
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Prije 17 dana
Well since my S7 edge started boot looping here I am. I really don't want it to go into the ewaste pile 😞 The sd card slot saved my baken cuz I could just plug it into a pc and most of my stuff was there.
Yudish JY
Yudish JY Prije 18 dana
Dual aperture is on s10
John Wick
John Wick Prije 18 dana
Wish they would go back their square design.. it used to set sony phones apart..
N Sadananda
N Sadananda Prije 18 dana
The way he roasted all phones unless its iphone😅
Jason Lewis
Jason Lewis Prije 18 dana
Phone of the Year! Thanks for the Review
DH Prije 18 dana
8:09 My Xperia 5 ii auto-rotate is 3 times faster...definitely a bug
Kureiji Prije 18 dana
Instagram and Tiktok don't work well. I never used them anyway. I think I finally found the phone I've been looking for. Thanks for the video :)
Gloxzii Prije 19 dana
Love this and might buy as my main phone, but my issue is u can’t lower the 4K?? Rip battery. Might try to find an app to fix it at 1080p lol
allensupertramp Prije 19 dana
Why you promoting XBox in SONY Phone...😅
Mcjon Dumoran
Mcjon Dumoran Prije 19 dana
I Really Like Sony. I wish this Phone Sony. Becouse Is Is My Fevorite Phone So Much. I Hope 1 people Give This To Me. ^_^ ^_^
Two And A Half Men Moments
Two And A Half Men Moments Prije 19 dana
No one: Literally no one: Marques: Puts iPhone wallpaper on Xperia
syazwan reduan
syazwan reduan Prije 20 dana
you used to be so honest man in your review now its content promotion
Akshat Gupta
Akshat Gupta Prije 20 dana
Meanwhile iphone 11:🤡🤡
Xz Prije 20 dana
We get it, you hate Sony. Stop with overusing the word enthusiast, it was cringe after the first 2 mins
FilmGamer Prije 20 dana
Doesn't mention the actual battery length. Amateur.
Quantitive Octopus
Quantitive Octopus Prije 20 dana
2:46 “boring design” but Apple has been rinse and repeating for the past 8 years
Chris Creo Ch
Chris Creo Ch Prije 21 dan
Miss My sony experia Z1 lasted in me in 5 years. .super reliable phone
Dr Gru
Dr Gru Prije 21 dan
Sony phones....they still keep all the good stuff and improve/add/experiment with new things...yeah,i only use sony phones since 2009 till today
Aesir07 Prije 21 dan
Yeah but... I'm an enthusiast... is it REALLY Enthusiast? Or, is it only for certain enthusiasts? Enthusiasts want to know.
loser 101
loser 101 Prije 21 dan
Sony amazing as always!
Dj Beats
Dj Beats Prije 22 dana
Got mine coming Monday can't wait 👍😁
mike Bordeaux
mike Bordeaux Prije 22 dana
Is Sony paying you for this review?
Justyburger Prije 23 dana
One of the best phones I ever had, was my old Sony Z1. After 5 years it got damaged. Then I moved to a cheap phone and now I just ordered the Iphone 13 Pro Max. Moving to Apple and will see how that goes. Wife has Iphone 12 mini too. Still...I do love Sony phones.
MC Swish
MC Swish Prije 23 dana
i need to get rich
Meraj Nepali official
Meraj Nepali official Prije 24 dana
o0olvlo0o Prije 24 dana
120hz and low brightness gets the screen green tint on the upper part.
St George
St George Prije 25 dana
See the Samsung promotion at the end haha I got the Sony Xperia 1 iii Man i don't regret the purchase but I regret the Samsung phone I had absolutely
Sha WelZ
Sha WelZ Prije 25 dana
Finally all these useful equipment like the SD card slot, the headphone jack, the stereo speakers are features for enthusiasts ?? But what is wrong with your heads?
momo tan
momo tan Prije 25 dana
U just trolling sony cuz u had to buy that phone
March Prije 26 dana
It's crazy 💘💘💘❤️❤️❤️❤️
13thmistral Prije 26 dana
If it had the option for lower resolution and the screen dimension would be regular while still big in size i would go for it
Aníbal Évora
Aníbal Évora Prije 24 dana
The phone does it, but automatically with apps like album (Google photos in it's case), and when watching 4k content on HRpost or another app that allows the full resolution of the screen to be displayed. You don't have control over what it does with the resolution, as you do with the frame rate.
B RAW MEDIA Prije 26 dana
Proper hyping this phone up when other phones have the same tech
Philip Wong
Philip Wong Prije 27 dana
It's a SONY, they make it, I'll buy it.. thanks for the review, my X1iii is on it's way
I Feel Fantastic
I Feel Fantastic Prije 27 dana
Plot twist: Marques is an enthusiast when nobody's looking.
James Covert
James Covert Prije 27 dana
I enjoy your reviews but PLEASE define your terms esp "Enthusiast" and "Pro" - so everyone knows EXACTLY what you mean. Thanks.
Sha WelZ
Sha WelZ Prije 25 dana
We all knew that he would never define it, it suits him to stick an "enthusiasts" label to this smartphone which is well equipped and well made than the smartphones of his favorite brands which are only clones.
shemmo Prije 28 dana
12:34 One important note here, Samsung or Xiaomi are more loaded or cheaper but they also are spying on you (yes you Xiaomi) or are having so much crappy features and SW installed that will be bothering you constantly.
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