Pixel 6's Tensor Chip: Let's Talk!

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Marques Brownlee

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A first look at Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, plus let's talk Tensor!

Android 12 Top 5 Features! hrpost.info/history/eKyFhs_JX86eaZw/video

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Hal9000 Prije 15 sati
I’ve had hands on the pixel 6 pro for about 20 minutes in a controlled environment. Ie no photos etc. but I could whizz through the os, load apps watch HRpost etc. I can say that it’s the most smooth os experience I’ve ever had on any phone ever! From the spec I know it’ll not be the most powerful phone on paper or benchmarks. But it’s more than enough that I know. iPhone is a prime example of raw power that is utterly unnecessary! Absolutely not needed. I’d say 60 percent plus of iPhones raw power is not harnessed or even needed. Software just doesn’t need that sort of brute force to work well! So what tensor is bringing is a way more sensible and grown up approach to how we use our phones. It’ll get smarter as it’s used. If you want to game it has a 20 core Gpu which will be more than adequate. But things like machine learning and AI are much more useful. Well done Google, you are bringing us what we want! And what is useful and sensible and useable!
Pixels Prije 5 sati
I think it comes down to optimization. Currently the fastest and most fluid phone I've felt is the Sony Xperia 1 III. Every other phone I've tried feels laggy and slow in comparison. I haven't tried the Pixel 6 yet and I'm betting it's as smooth or even smoother than the Xperia 1 III
Lee Prije 18 sati
Nice BLM wristband. Unsubscribed.
Lee Prije 6 sati
@Farid Ali awww nooo why?
Farid Ali
Farid Ali Prije 6 sati
@Lee bro I’m calling you a clown
Lee Prije 6 sati
@Farid Ali agreed!
Farid Ali
Farid Ali Prije 6 sati
jeffj318 Prije 23 sati
You are the best! I just ordered my Pixel 6!
twijayamail Prije dan
pixel: we have tensor chip phone user: longer phone usage? can browse faster? can store more data? better call quality? pixel: no, it has better and smarter spy inside your phone
Ray Lane
Ray Lane Prije dan
Good to see there's a nice lower-tier phone for people who can't afford iPhones, that doesn't catch fire like a Samsung.
twijayamail Prije dan
putting AI in a hardware chip? sounds like Theranos marketing mumbo jumbo bull*. why do you need AI in a phone?
Mark Louie Adame
Mark Louie Adame Prije dan
The only way a google phone to succeed is to create an ecosystem google phone, watch, buds, item finder and goggle chrome etc...
Samb wague
Samb wague Prije 2 dana
Can a reviewer under embargo be impartial and honest? What is Google hiding by corrupting all these youtubers. If you thing your product is better, Then why impose embargo?
ME Prije 3 dana
Watching this on my.... Nexus 6P. Hmm...🤔 you though I was gonna say my pixel 6 pro 😃
The McLains
The McLains Prije 3 dana
Google has gotten better because the work they do for China helping that country with their tracking of people violating human rights all because of their social credit score.
Moon Ruddy
Moon Ruddy Prije 3 dana
My moto g stylus 2021 has 48 megapixels and a stylus WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THISSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!
Anselwithmac Prije 3 dana
I always love all your videos but there’s a lot of strange speculation in this one. I see the potential of tensor, but there’s a great chance it’s just to break away from Qualcom, who’s moving at a snails pace and has a grip on so many technologies
Rumeel12708 Prije 3 dana
Have to wait until they restock 😫😭😭😭😭😀, have been wanting a Google phone and it looks like this is it, just waiting for the real reviews and the hype to cool down to see the truth!!!!
Shun Tao
Shun Tao Prije 3 dana
And Microsoft Just starting designing their own Chip as well. Hmmmm
Youtube Heist
Youtube Heist Prije 4 dana
Live in
Android Gamer Guy
Android Gamer Guy Prije 4 dana
Weaker GPU (Mali)
Mend Amar
Mend Amar Prije 4 dana
And Exynos is now getting AMD Rdna2 Gpu.
Bin Li
Bin Li Prije 4 dana
OK, Microsoft, when are you going to join the CPU game?
AetherHorizon Prije 4 dana
I'm glad they are done with the shitdragon chips. These greedy fucks don't release the schematics for the companies to provide more than 2 years of android support. And they've been doing this since the sd801 era. I hope they burn
Terence Alderson
Terence Alderson Prije 4 dana
Thought something was wrong with my headphones at first :)
Justin Conroy
Justin Conroy Prije 4 dana
Who else is watching this on 10/19 before the Pixel event and seeing everything that Marques is talking about coming to fruition
Dan R
Dan R Prije 5 dana
i thought it was out zzzzzz
Adyanto Prije 5 dana
Time left : 1:35.
Jason Miller
Jason Miller Prije 5 dana
According to most reviewers Google was beating Samsung and Apple with their mid tier phones. So I'm gonna go ahead and just call the Pixel the new King..
The Hunter
The Hunter Prije 5 dana
i can'ttt waittt, just a few hours to reveal
no name
no name Prije 5 dana
Wicked Sick
Wicked Sick Prije 5 dana
Hi Marques, did you get a review device? When will de embargo end?
Beatriz Pizeta
Beatriz Pizeta Prije 5 dana
I wish google would release the pixel 6 in my country (brazil) 😪
Hove 201
Hove 201 Prije 5 dana
It’s wild so many people still care about smart phones. I haven’t really felt like I’ve gotten any real advancement from my iPhone 7Plus. I did upgrade last year to the 12. I do miss android OS.
Isaac Wallace
Isaac Wallace Prije 4 dana
If you feel that way, you should definitely go back to Android. The changes and advancements made in phones largely come from the Android side of the market. Like I was shocked when I heard that apple was just now adding picture in picture mode a year ago. Like I've had that in my phones since 2016 or sooner
DJ DanceAlone
DJ DanceAlone Prije 6 dana
My biggest problem with the pixel I had last year was sending videos though text message. The video would always be degraded after being sent....... has pixel done anything about that?
westin bye
westin bye Prije 5 dana
@DJ DanceAlone well since apple does not support it. Apple to apple you are good. Android to Android your ate good. Apple to Android you have to use one of many third party services.
DJ DanceAlone
DJ DanceAlone Prije 5 dana
@westin bye So, RCS completely solves that problem .... cool
westin bye
westin bye Prije 5 dana
@DJ DanceAlone well depending on when it was it was probably pre RCS. But Viber, WhatsApp, signal, telegram and others will solve that problem for sure.
DJ DanceAlone
DJ DanceAlone Prije 5 dana
@westin bye so in the past, when I had a pixel and I would send video to my wife who also had a pixel, the quality would be very grainy. What are some apps that can deal with that?
westin bye
westin bye Prije 5 dana
That's an iPhone problem you can use a bunch of different apps to fix that.
Hegel Huang
Hegel Huang Prije 6 dana
The Pixel 6 listing price tag of Target, the second largest chain store in the United States, has been exposed. Pixel 6 128GB is priced at US$599 and Pixel 6 Pro 128GB is priced at US$898.
westin bye
westin bye Prije 5 dana
The pro is a great deal! But the 6 is even a better deal. I thik I would go with the 6 at that price.
Karla Villanueva
Karla Villanueva Prije 6 dana
I've been a Samsung user since day 1 but now I'm thinking abt switching to pixel 6 pro 😉
Onos Onodaezo
Onos Onodaezo Prije 6 dana
Imagine Google pixel 6 using another is, not Android
Thanuthil K
Thanuthil K Prije 7 dana
Greatest introduction
Samuel James
Samuel James Prije 7 dana
MKBHD, if you had a 2 year old Note 10+ and you wanted the best sub $1k phone on the market within the next month or so, what would you pick? I'm upgrading soon and I've been out of the "know everything about phones" game for a hot minute. Thanks dude great content as always!
Felicify Prije 7 dana
The more I realise I don't care as much about my phone, I begin to hate the curved screens more and more. Still probably not gonna stop me from getting the pro versions though. Haha
Michalis Chiras
Michalis Chiras Prije 7 dana
One question remains, suspiciously, under the radar from Google and the press alike: Google invests on in house SoC, that means better Android optimization for the Pixel (the Apple way). What does this mean though for the rest of Android manufacturers?? Will they somehow be forced to use Tensor chip too? What about performance and optimization on Qualcomm chips? And what about future support on these chips?
miketucky350 Prije 9 dana
This is a big deal. Android is 80% of the Smart phone market. The media focus is so strong on iphones 15%
MAST Prije 9 dana
"first generation" ackkkk that makes me so excited!!!
Tiagraj I
Tiagraj I Prije 10 dana
Google phones are disappointing as they don't follow on what they introduce. Eg soli. On the topic of updates, Apple wants you to buy the next phone. Don't forget how the updates pushed the old phones to run out of battery
Joseph Barney
Joseph Barney Prije 10 dana
That's a bold and smart step forward by Google. You covered it pretty well. Overall consumers and Google benefit more.
Mandy Prije 11 dana
It all comes down to them keeping the headphone jack for me lol! Been using nothing but Galaxy series phones for decades & I haven't upgraded past the 10 because they got rid of them.. Hopefully they kept it so I can buy it!
Anand Guru
Anand Guru Prije 12 dana
Any update in India Launch?
Michael Johnsen
Michael Johnsen Prije 12 dana
1:06 - I honestly feel that looks amazing. Like a Daft Punk helmet.
JMEW Prije 12 dana
hands down the biggest hands on utube
Madsupervilian Prije 12 dana
Finally switching Iphone to Android with the Pixel 6
Wenson Wacaworth
Wenson Wacaworth Prije 10 dana
Good going, I switched about 8 years ago 👍
Harley Butler
Harley Butler Prije 12 dana
For anyone interested in right to repair supposedly these phones might possibly have cameras that cannot be swapped between phones like the iPhone 12 did. Look more into it if you’re interested
StefanUrkel Prije 12 dana
will i be able to mine crypto with the pro?
D J Prije 13 dana
Marques on 19th. So I have been using Pixel 6 pro for couple of weeks now ...
Joel Vlogs
Joel Vlogs Prije 14 dana
Google is taking a bold step and I believe it's for good because they can control how they want to mold android to be more performant. Will be amazing to see how they implement it.
Mohammed Amine Baiz
Mohammed Amine Baiz Prije 15 dana
Domo Prije 16 dana
Pixel > iPhone
Wenson Wacaworth
Wenson Wacaworth Prije 10 dana
Actually another option is squeezing the camera into the top bezel, if that's possible.
Wenson Wacaworth
Wenson Wacaworth Prije 10 dana
When will under screen cameras be mainstream in Pixels/iPhones etc? I preferred bigger bezels anyway (for appearance, grip, functionality), but if they're all going to have full basically bezel-less displays, given the front-facing camera, the only way to have the display undisrupted is to have the camera under the screen. I hated the notch trend, I hate the hole-punch camera less, but I still hate it. I think the only under screen cameras at the moment have pretty bad quality. When will the quality get to a point where it's adequate for companies to use in their flagship phones (iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S, etc)?
Jim Carter
Jim Carter Prije 16 dana
The pixel 5 the conjob 19 flop phone. Satanic 666 Google support the face diper so no facial recognition. Are they worth supporting?
Anthony Arrington
Anthony Arrington Prije 16 dana
I would like to see where they don’t make phones ever year maybe every 2 to 3yrs.
OS Prije 17 dana
When google will launch pixel 6 in India?
161 qk
161 qk Prije 17 dana
Hellow民燦 Prije 17 dana
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Prije 17 dana
This was great video
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Prije 17 dana
Thanks you for the video
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Prije 17 dana
Can't wait until they come out
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Prije 17 dana
Yep these phones look great can't wait to see the new sectors either 💯💥💥💥💚💥💚💙✊👊🤲✋
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Prije 17 dana
The phones look newer and better than the previous years ones 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💯💯💚💚💚💚
BullCrit Prije 17 dana
I just want Google to make pixel glasses.
Linux Gaspesie
Linux Gaspesie Prije 18 dana
I'm afraid of the LACK OF SECURITY that Google's smartphone offers to users. How can we block a company or friends of that company from knowing anything about us. Is it possible to use location (location only) in News, Maps or another service.
westin bye
westin bye Prije 5 dana
Yes. They have a ton of great security and privacy feature. They leave it up to you really.
D Y Prije 19 dana
I buy pixel 6 how much ? Out?
Rare Breed
Rare Breed Prije 19 dana
Boring content as usual
Chaim Prije 19 dana
Will the pixel 6 or 6 pro also have face recognition unlocking besides fingerprint?
Leo Contreras
Leo Contreras Prije 19 dana
Do pixel 6 or iPhone 13
Rahul Jane
Rahul Jane Prije 17 dana
Yeah please tell
GDB ! Prije 20 dana
I bet Pixel 6a will be cheaper and better again.
deba saha
deba saha Prije 20 dana
Pixel video and selfie 🤳 r very bad
Darren Yorston
Darren Yorston Prije 20 dana
Man I really hate that block on the back of the phone where the camera is located. I was in need of a phone and keen to get a Pixel 6 but once I saw the back of it I changed my mind. Instead, I went back to a Pixel 4a 5G; I cant be more happy with it.
Rick Hawkins
Rick Hawkins Prije 20 dana
I love Android. But I live in Europe and have a prepaid data plan in Europe prepaid plans are 28 days long so they can charge you 13 times a year. I am sick and tired of resetting my Android data every 28 days. I will post this in every android phone revue I see until Google puts a 28 day plan in the OS please like and share if you are in the same boat as me.
Madrose XX3
Madrose XX3 Prije 20 dana
Im so excited finally i can upgrade to a worthy phone for the bag.... Hope i can get it soon ....
Himanshu Rio
Himanshu Rio Prije 21 dan
Those early seconds expressions 😂😂
Amrish Pandey
Amrish Pandey Prije 21 dan
Your communication style is so clear , concise
Dylan Pattyn
Dylan Pattyn Prije 21 dan
Very possible this phone will outperform all other Android devices. While I loved by Pixel 3XL and it lasted longer than most phones I use, I had move to Samsung for the Note 10+ and 20 Ultra because the 4 wasn't strong enough and the 5 didn't come with an XL. I'd love to go back to Google to escape Samsung's bloatware and annoying version of Android but Google doesn't seem to have anything to sell me on here. As great as the 6 Pro may work, it'll still be smaller than my Samsung, have no real upgrade on my RAM or Hard Drive... All that leaves is processing and I don't see anything in any of the videos about the Tensor to draw me over
Captain Theo
Captain Theo Prije 22 dana
fun fact: this video was shooted by pixel 6 pro
d wormon
d wormon Prije 22 dana
Funny how these company's dont push brand loyalty? Give people what they want !
LimticRage Prije 23 dana
ooooh... i hope CalyxOS will be supported on PX6, google phones are good only as a vessel...
ElRadioDJ913 Prije 23 dana
This is gonna be Google's first ever masterpiece in their smartphone collection.
KIN0_0P _
KIN0_0P _ Prije 23 dana
Broke my phones screen a few minutes ago and not worth fixing for the price finna but a new phone y'all think the pixel 6 would be worth it?
Isira Archana
Isira Archana Prije 23 dana
Holy cow bro damn wtf… that design is stunning and a big jump compared to earlier ones 🤩🤩😍😍
amrinder sudan
amrinder sudan Prije 24 dana
You feel shy to say another point on Apple making policy is Downgrading Battery Health- So that people buy expensive batteries which may keep them away for system slowness;
vdynmx Prije 24 dana
I stopped buyin google phones because they stopped supporting them like 3 yrs later. Iphone 7 still getting ios 15
Anthony McCue
Anthony McCue Prije 25 dana
Sadly no 3.5mm jack :(
kritigya sangwan
kritigya sangwan Prije 25 dana
Thinking is good but they have f being the compact phone which gave a very good feel in the hand and was esay to use but now it's like any other android phone,being compact with Matte finish made it more distinguish from other phones but now I don't know how they are going, it's more like any other android phone(boaring) thought 6 would be more like 5 which looked great just needed update in hardware.
User ce8183hdbf
User ce8183hdbf Prije 25 dana
I really hope they have a budget / midrange phone with 120hz
Quantumstardust Prije 25 dana
I hope Google's chips are great so most android phone manufacturers can use their chips. It would make updating Android phones a lot smoother and faster.
Interlude Prije 26 dana
Does anyone know if Pixel works better with Android? I really want to get one but I just didn't like the buggy experience on Android I had before with Samsung.
TheBrave Cupcake
TheBrave Cupcake Prije 26 dana
I don't think that's going to sell that well because of the camera popping out too nuch
Prani Patil
Prani Patil Prije 26 dana
when is the pixel coming
SY Tuitions
SY Tuitions Prije 27 dana
@6:35 when this guy says that google "wants to optimise android for as long as possible...cos they want to keep you on that phone" he's either delusional and ignorant, or outright deceiving cos he's being paid to be. No hardware manufacturer wants their customers lingering on older generation tech...because their revenue stream comes from convincing us consumers that we need the latest incremental update.
Cerico76 76
Cerico76 76 Prije 27 dana
I would like to buy it, but is going to be really big. Not sure...
ricardo rodriguez
ricardo rodriguez Prije 27 dana
Sounds like he's talking about an old Nexus phone
Mahdi Prije 27 dana
Not An Everyday Thing.
Not An Everyday Thing. Prije 27 dana
This is my next phone 📱
Ryan Owens
Ryan Owens Prije 27 dana
A month later and nother. I need a new phone and hate to get something a year old when i don't upgrade often
Mohammad Hasibul Hasan
Mohammad Hasibul Hasan Prije 28 dana
Hats off to Google just for not copying rival while trying to beat rival...
WhatsApp +➀➁➁⓪➆➀⓪➅➆➃➄
WhatsApp +➀➁➁⓪➆➀⓪➅➆➃➄ Prije 9 dana
☝️☝️Congratulations you have been selected as a winner...
DocJ Prije 29 dana
Since the beginning of pixels..im not impress with this phone...
Interlude Prije 29 dana
I’m not a fanboy of any phone I think they’re all the same now. But I find it funny how other brands are calling theirs ‘Pro’ simultaneously marketed as an ‘iPhone killer’. If you have to copy, you’re not killing anything. This pixel 6 looks incredible, but iPhone will coast on familiarity and that’s what people want.
Karan Yelve Alcatraz Commander
Karan Yelve Alcatraz Commander Prije 29 dana
I'm a bit curious about the modded OS scene. If tensor becomes a thing, will that make it difficult for after market OS or easier? And if it does make it difficult will it force other brands to be more lenient with their boot loaders, i.e. if the Pixel does very well. Cause if it does well the A series could maybe benefit from this and steal the show
WhatsApp +➀➁➁⓪➆➀⓪➅➆➃➄
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