The Tesla Bot: Explained!
The iPhone 13 Models!
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Paul G
Paul G Prije 23 minuta
I don’t think you can get over 100kW when the vehicle is over 30% battery with EA. If TS does that… damn…
Tomasz Gluch
Tomasz Gluch Prije 23 minuta
Great review 🙏🙏🙏
Al Hughes
Al Hughes Prije 24 minuta
My wife has had the phone for a week and still hasn’t noticed any difference. I noticed it immediately out of the box.
Алексей Винницкий
Алексей Винницкий Prije 26 minuta
Adding non-pro ports to a pro-computer is so pro-user friendly. Oh dear!
Alejandro Serrano
Alejandro Serrano Prije 27 minuta
This truck looks awesome
Azhar Haque
Azhar Haque Prije 30 minuta
The storage under the front seat is for a handgun probably
all my friends are dead
all my friends are dead Prije 31 minute
It’s not actually a truck, like the bastardized Ford Maverick, it’s a crossover with a bed. 1.The tech stuff inside that will not work in a year, the headlights are cool but just like bmw’s, $3000 for headlights is ridiculous. 2. You get 21s but no option for a lift kit. What’s the point of making an off roader if you can’t lift it? Air suspension is garbage, just ask Ram.
Andrew Chanda
Andrew Chanda Prije 32 minuta
That was my first phone. It is really a strong phone
Doc Nem Vlogs
Doc Nem Vlogs Prije 32 minuta
Watching this in my Z fold 2 and I gotta say this phone is a beast.i love it :)
truth seeker
truth seeker Prije 33 minuta
i dont own the duo, but your argument was silly. you want to read text in the middle of two folding screens? did you apply logic to that? dude. maybe stop kissing apple and partly samsung and learn to appreciate upcoming tech.
eric mcintosh
eric mcintosh Prije 34 minuta
It's super clever and premium and in my opinion, beats the 'Cyber' truck easily. But a truck with a 4.5 foot bed? I mean this isn't a truck it's an SUV. But at least with and SUV you could bring home an Ikea couch. Flatpack furniture won't even lay flat in this bed- you probably aren't using it for any kind of Truck job.
Omkar Badadale
Omkar Badadale Prije 36 minuta
I lost count on the number of times he said things like "objectively" 😂
Xpeng Fangirl
Xpeng Fangirl Prije 37 minuta
thanks, china will ge sure to eliminate hydrogen threat, keep ordering teslas with FSD, china needs loan repayment
Alyx Mitchell
Alyx Mitchell Prije 37 minuta
wait what happened to the iphone SE being good at being a compact phone
hunterman600cc Prije 38 minuta
All those batteries in the bottom of the truck... had to come from somewhere. Where do they go when they won't hold a charge anymore? How long do they last with decent capacity? Where does the electricity come from for charging all of these EV's? Most likely coal at the moment. When will we update our electrical system to handle the demand? We'd need a small nuke plant in every major city.
Ferdsigner Prije 40 minuta
Please do a review of the Yamaha headphones!
chigga25 Prije 41 minute
Thx for reviewing this...heard of it but never looked into. Truck has some cool a$$ features
Ryan Rask
Ryan Rask Prije 41 minute
What is the point of this contraption?
MozkoŽrout Prije 42 minuta
Microsoft needs to realise that they can't please everyone and especially not with such a specialised unique devise. People that buy it simply need to expect that it won't be exactly the camera centric phone. Like sure they could maybe improved the cameras but not to an extent to make a camera bump. Could have moved the display down to make bigger top bezel and still fit the cameras on the inside. Even make it a bit thicker for it and stick a bigger battery there.
Anup Burade
Anup Burade Prije 42 minuta
Watching 9yrs old MKBHD - unreal 😬
Boogeyman Prije 44 minuta
here in europe is 750€ and how the f is that fair? either china thinks we are richer or americans have childs luck
ichironca Prije 46 minuta
No apple CarPlay? Sorry, deal breaker for me :-(
Aubrey Graham
Aubrey Graham Prije 47 minuta
Fun Fact: This entire video was apparently shot on an iPhone 13 🤯🤯🤯
Andrew Harper
Andrew Harper Prije 48 minuta
Excellent content, thank you, sir.
Pablo Aranda
Pablo Aranda Prije 49 minuta
How much?
gnperdue Prije 50 minuta
The Android version would be interesting, but also like 3 hours long because there are multiple players and so much fragmentation. You literally couldn’t cover it all.
Tyler Price
Tyler Price Prije 51 minute
So I loved the hardware of the duo and I thought opening it every time would be cool until I got the fold 3 and realized I how usable it is closed. I have been taking tons of photos on vacation and when you are moving and running as round you want a quick couple pictures then back in the pocket. Then open it and go thought everything when you get to a resting place. I think the duo needs a dedicated companion if not a third screen a watch as capable as an apple watch.
Erik Prije 52 minuta
I like that you imagined what each letter could stand for (s for speed or c for cheap)
Dazzle Clinton
Dazzle Clinton Prije 52 minuta
😅😂this gonna be flop too 🤣
VinnciKun Prije 52 minuta
man, the SUV version looks really cool.
Ferdsigner Prije 57 minuta
Please review the Yamaha headphones!
Frank Sz
Frank Sz Prije 57 minuta
I get a feeling, that the notch was about that the laptop gonna get face ID, but some last minute decision (chip shortage? price?) they decided against. At least for this year. I wouldn't be surprised if it shows up in the next year model. That's too much wasted space for a $10 1080p camera to sit inside.
LMAOPictures Prije 57 minuta
I want one.
Alex Shnaider
Alex Shnaider Prije 57 minuta
20". It clearly says it on the tires
Gbayin Ojo
Gbayin Ojo Prije 57 minuta
Am I the only one that heard him call the camera bump a CAMERA VISOR?
Antti Pajunen
Antti Pajunen Prije 57 minuta
Great review! I pretty much decided to abandon my pursuit of this and will stick with a Samsung.
Anyday tech
Anyday tech Prije 58 minuta
I’m hoping that they offer something like an extra huge power bank to charge the car that could go into that little tube storage or in the front trunk so it could just sit in the back charging it whilst driving it would be epic
Skwizyz Prije 59 minuta
it is actually cool
Sean Prije sat
The way you pronounce the word annoying is so annoying
Maverick Dakota
Maverick Dakota Prije sat
Why no ethernet?
Paul Ngugi
Paul Ngugi Prije sat
Rather the F150 lighting. This truck looks cartoonish. People would be crazy to buy this over the F150 lighting.
Swarnadip Bhowmik
Swarnadip Bhowmik Prije sat
the camera quality is shit, not mkbhd level
Animaniac 1976
Animaniac 1976 Prije sat
tapping out after 80 mph? Nein Danke :)
titik 172
titik 172 Prije sat
33 mnt,daylight to night
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whatsapp +➀➁➁⓪➆➀⓪➅➆➃➄ Prije sat
☝️☝️Congratulations you have been selected among my lucky winners
Vjotkr Prije sat
Wooo another unafordable EV
Scotty Do
Scotty Do Prije sat
Now we need something like this, but at half the price.
Vjotkr Prije sat
Ok but seriously, who cares about 0 to 60? Why does it matter in day to day usage?
Affluent Nerd
Affluent Nerd Prije sat
They're gonna get some hicks buying this just because of how well it can store guns
Dam Ceesay
Dam Ceesay Prije sat
Marquee was funny back then.
Airfiniti Customs
Airfiniti Customs Prije sat
They should of put under the clear glass cameras on the front top of the device they only show when a pic is taken and had the back cameras flush to the body,and the since they cured the screen push the inner screen to the limit they should have went to the edge to give it the separate but equal look. Am illusion of one screen and two when you need it....smh I'm so disappointed.
Maurice Prije sat
The V stands for veloci :)
Dr. Theory
Dr. Theory Prije sat
I legit calculated that this should be made out of gold at $700 ! Seriously , one gram of gold is $56 , works it out , in fact , this would be pricier than gold
SammyM00782 Prije sat
Oh yea....70k dollars. I'll get right on that 🙄 EV's are bullshit. We're back to the days where only rich people are going to afford modes of transportation
Jonathan Duchesne
Jonathan Duchesne Prije sat
maybe a laminated e-ink display outside. Flush the cameras like pixel 6 to stop the wabbling, then add more sensors or fast charging or longer lasting batteries. A concave area onthe oder side for a pen or stylus, then when using the pen it fully opens/closes. Also camera controls when closed.
Kevin Charles
Kevin Charles Prije sat
Thats the smaller bezel
nat barmore
nat barmore Prije sat
Oh, that's disappointing about the colors. I agree that silver is neutral (along with white, grey, and black), and the gold-tinged "starlight" is not. And, personally, I don't like gold, so they tinged my favorite color with my second-least-favorite color. That's gonna really complicate my purchase decision. I'm gonna have to go see it in the flesh, to see just how golden it is.
blaze Prije sat
95% of the world's population is using the metric system. Marques: I can't can't hear you.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Prije sat
Feel like the time around the 3g, 3gs, and 4 iPhones were at the peak popularity. I know the numbers reflect otherwise, but back then that was the phone everyone wanted, and it was easy to spot who had an iphone and who didn't. These days all the phones look the same, but back then iPhones really were almost like fashion statements.
whatsapp +➀➁➁⓪➆➀⓪➅➆➃➄
whatsapp +➀➁➁⓪➆➀⓪➅➆➃➄ Prije sat
☝️☝️Congratulations you have been selected among my lucky winners
bert shriveledsack
bert shriveledsack Prije sat
Gee, just 70 thousand? How privileged is this kid. Electirc cars suck. For one, never mind the premium price, or the endless subsidised handouts, the batteries are diminished by 30% in weather UNDER 35 fahrenheit and significatnly over 98 fahrenheit. So other than moral profiling, its a total joke.
Saimir Golike’s xrd r
Saimir Golike’s xrd r Prije sat
yuitr loing
yuitr loing Prije sat
justify upgrading from a maxed out i9 machine yet, but very glad to see them listening to us. Thanks for your reaction!
Airfiniti Customs
Airfiniti Customs Prije sat
I'm keeping my duo this is trash!!!! Why put a camera bump on the back? Uuuugh I had some much hope for you duo ....where's the tablet version for the duo ....c'mon man (I'm my JB voice)
AveryCL3V3Rman Prije sat
‘Most impressive electric truck yet’…. It’s the only electric truck right now… F-150 is literally just and F-150 with a Mach-E screen Tesla Cyber truck is in complete re-design and we have no idea about anything with it…
Stjepan Svilić
Stjepan Svilić Prije sat
Bruh the phone looks so tiny in his hands 😂😂😂
PC Gamer
PC Gamer Prije sat
It’s too expensive. Double the range, make the bed longer, and then it might be worth it.
crankyboiy Prije sat
Windows has a lot money to waste.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Prije sat
You couldn't send picture MMS text messages with the first iPhone. Also iPhones were locked to ATT network for the first few years.
Precious Highland
Precious Highland Prije sat
This is a really expensive matroska doll.
PeaceChanel Prije sat
Peace.. Shalom.. Salam.. Namaste and Thank You for your efforts 🙏🏻 😊 🌈 ✌ 🌷 ☮️ ❤️
Walter Riggs
Walter Riggs Prije sat
Will it power my house when a hurricane comes?
Dary Jackson
Dary Jackson Prije sat
Something else I can't afford.
Minesheap Prije sat
Damn i always think its a renault
Jake Sullivan
Jake Sullivan Prije sat
The Rivian looks like a Ford Maverick
Ian G
Ian G Prije sat
So when your on a road trip in one of these what happens when you run out of power and there is no charging station for miles and miles.... 🤨🧐
raboox9 Prije sat
From a Psion to Nokia Communicators to this... I don't know if there needs to be an outside screen for a PDA, which is what the Surface Duo is. It's not really a phone, it's more a tiny pocket computer like a Psion.
Mathew Sullivan
Mathew Sullivan Prije sat
1. Yes make it fully flat 2. Yes add an external screen 3. They cant blend both screens close enough with thin inner bezels so embrace the 2 screen feel and keep them wide. This avoids the issue of pixel cut off 4. Use the thicker width to go all out on battery 5. Use the thicker width to include a stylus insert area directly into the phone (like Samsung Note)
Devvult Prije sat
I'm so tempted to get the mini, it's so cute haha. Any reason to pick the mini over a pro? Any suggestions?
nathan thebe
nathan thebe Prije sat
it's so crazy to see ppl at a convention w/o masks